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Rogue Warrior

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Rogue Warrior

I saw Lone Survivor last weekend (PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THEY DIDN’T JUST HAVE THE GOAT HERDERS MARCH WITH THEM UNTIL THEY MADE CONTACT WITH THEIR BASE?) and it reminded me of this book, and how enthralled I was with Richard Marcinko’s crazy antics as a SEAL.

This book chronicles Marcinko’s harrowing missions across Vietnam and other theaters of war, as well as his prodigious rise through the Navy ranks. This is the guy that created and ran both SEAL Team SIX and Red Cell, so you know he has some stories to tell.

My favorite part of the book was definitely his account of Vietnam, where he and his merry band of marauders cheated death so many times that Marcinko finally concluded that he must just be unkillable. This, then, inspired him to take on riskier and riskier missions, and his devastating success in these missions eventually convinced the Viet Cong to place a bounty on his head.

If you like tales of superhuman toughness and resolve, you’ll like Rogue Warrior.

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