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Pimsleur Language Courses

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Pimsleur Language Courses

I recently decided to start learning other languages (beginning with German), and after trying a couple products (Michel ThomasRosetta Stone, and Pimsleur), I like Pimsleur the most.

Here’s why:

  • The lessons are short (30 minutes) long, so you can get through at least one per day.
  • You start out by learning essential grammar and vocabulary, as opposed to random nouns and verbs.
  • The repetition is just enough to maximize retention without boring you to death.
  • The MP3 format is great–I upload the courses to my Google Music account and use my phone to go through them while I drive, do cardio, etc.

I’m about 100 hours into learning German and am at a point where I can understand and participate in basic conversations. I figure 300-400 hours will achieve fluency, and Pimsleur has courses to take me all the way up to that point.

If you’ve been wanting to learn a language, I highly recommend you give a Pimsleur course a go. 

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