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Nest S2001BW Protect


You’re just about to doze off when a screeching chirp rips through the silence.

Oh please no.

It fires again. And the best part is you’re out of 9-volt batteries.

You grab a broom and off comes the smoke alarm, never to return again.

A common, but dangerous scenario.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), almost two-thirds of US home fire deaths happened in homes with no smoke alarm or no working smoke alarm.

Well, the Nest Protect is the solution. It features…

  • A status ring that glows green when everything is okay, yellow when there’s a potential problem, and red when there’s an emergency).
  • Real voice alert.
  • An interactive sensor that responds to the wave of a hand.
  • Smartphone or tablet monitoring.
  • A built-in nightlight.
  • And more…

As a satisfied owner of the Nest Thermostat, I’ll be getting a Protect (releases in November).

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