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Lost Season 1

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Lost Season 1

The first season of Lost stands out as the most entertaining, addictive TV show I’ve ever watched.

My wife and I watched it over a Christmas vacation and what we thought would be an episode here and there turned into an all-out chain-watching binge. It really is that good.

It begins with a jetliner traveling from Australia to LA crashing on an unknown island, leaving 48 survivors with no signs of civilization or hope of rescue. It then starts rolling out incredibly powerful hook after hook as we get to know 14 primary characters and discover some very strange things about the island (a mysterious monster that lurks in the jungle, the presence of polar bears and wild boars, an SOS message that has been transmitting for 16 years, miraculous physical recoveries and other wishes coming true, a set of numbers that are somehow involved in the disaster, and more).

If that sounds even remotely interesting to you, watch the show. You won’t be disappointed.

That said, you probably will be disappointed in every successive season. They just get worse and worse in so many ways (plotting, characterization, themes, you name it),  and the show’s finale at the end of season 6 was just pitifully bad.

So for me Lost was like a teenage love affair–wildly intoxicating but short-lived.

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