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Jawbone UP 24

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Jawbone UP 24

Jawbone’s initial foray into the physical activity (the ill-fated Up) space was a bit of a snafu, but they’re back with the Up 24 and are looking to right wrongs and reclaim lost ground.

One of the great things about this wrist-worn tracker is that it stays connected to your iPhone or iPod via Bluetooth and transmits data about your daily sleep, movement, and food intake.

I like the fact that it doesn’t have a display, and the app is quite versatile: it lets you set various goals (water to drink, hours to sleep, calories to burn, etc.), track progress and share it with your “team,” look at trends, track food intake and physical activity, and more. It even integrates with other apps like My Fitness Pal and If This Then That (which opens up tons of other possibilities, as you can imagine).

All in all, this is probably my favorite activity tracker on the market right now.

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