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Good to Great

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Good to Great

The premise for Collins’ now-seminal work was simple, but daunting: Start with 1,435 good companies. Examine their performance over 40 years. Find the companies that became great, and find out why.

Well, this book is the result of five years of research by Collins and his team (and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in the process), and it’s absolutely mandatory reading if you want to get better at business.

Inside, you’ll find a powerful collection of characteristics that great companies have in common–characteristics that you can replicate in your own business or career. Things like…

  • CEOs that display “personal humility and professional will.”
  • A disciplined culture that weeds out the weak, bolsters the strong, and demands high levels of production.
  • Maintaining an uncompromising view of the company’s situation, and using the facts to focus on improving performance.
  • The use of technology to accelerate the growth process.
  • Leveraging the momentum that comes with success.
  • And more…

Think of this book as a road map to business excellence. It doesn’t show you how to overcome every obstacle, but it shows you where you need to go and where the major pitfalls lie.

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