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As much as I want to like James Bond movies, I think most of them sucked. Connery had a good run, with my standouts being Goldfinger and Thunderball, but the franchise fell into a long slump once he moved on.

Well, in my mind, Goldeneye was Bond’s triumphant return to past glory, bringing together a terrific cast, compelling locations, tight, plausible writing, perfect pacing, and just enough sex and violence to deliver a thrilling vicarious experience that makes you just wish you were Bond.

It’s too bad the writers for the rest of Brosnan’s Bond films were shit as his performance in Goldeneye was, to me, equally as good as Connery’s, and I would have loved to see what he could have done with better films.

Whether you like Bond movies or not, if you like smart, highly entertaining action and adventure films, you’re going to like Goldeneye.

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