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After seeing a million parodies of the famous map meeting scene, including this hilarious one of Hitler’s disgust for Crossfit, I decided to watch the actual movie. And I quickly learned why it has earned so much critical acclaim (and wondered why it hasn’t garnered more attention here in the States).

Downfall takes you into Hitler’s Führerbunker during his last days as leader of the Third Reich and delivers a historically accurate, visceral experience of what it was like to be there as Hitler and his officers and advisers realize that this really is the end.

Even though you know how it all ends for Hitler and Goebbels, the movie does a great job applying the screws of suspense as you follow Hitler’s young secretary Traudi Junge try to survive the ordeal. And let’s not forget Bruno Ganz’s downright chilling performance as Hitler, which was so convincing that you find yourself forgetting you’re watching a movie and not real footage of the sociopath’s decline.

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