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Disciplined Dreaming

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Disciplined Dreaming

I’m a big believer in the necessity of creativity in today’s work world, both at a personal and organizational level, regardless of career or industry. Marketplaces are getting more and more challenging, and success is hinging more and more on innovation, not conformity with the norms.

How do you systematically be more creative, though? Can it even be done? Or is solely at the whims of the Muse?

According to Linkner, anyone can learn to be more creative and use that creativity in work and life to achieve higher levels of success. I agree, and I found his “system” of doing it, which boils down to Define, Prepare, Discover, Ignite, and Launch simple, intuitive, and practical.

Read this book, put it to use in overcoming challenges you face in work or just in life in general, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easily you can generate a variety of valuable, useful solutions.

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