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Das Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard


If you type on a computer all day and don’t have a good mechanical keyboard, you’re missing out. It can dramatically increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Don’t believe me? I understand. I didn’t get it at first, either. Mechanical keyboards look like clunky throwbacks to first-era typewriters. But that’s the point, actually.

You see, early typewriters were actually the product of extensive research into keyboard ergonomics, and many of the lessons learned about optimizing typing speed and accuracy have been forgotten by modern keyboard manufacturers. Simply put, most modern keyboards suck for typing purposes.

Well, mechanical keyboard manufacturers like Das Keyboard are keeping the art of keyboard optimization alive. Their keyboards are engineered with heavy typing in mind, and literally every detail is purposeful: key cap shape, size, spacing, and pressure, the tactile feedback, the flat, tilt-free angle, and more.

As I mentioned earlier, since I’ve made the switch I’ve seen a dramatic increase in both my typing speed and accuracy (and especially the latter).

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