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Bigger Stronger Faster

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Bigger Stronger Faster

Bigger Stronger Faster is Chris Bell’s entertaining, endearing look at how steroids have shaped, and continue to influence, sports in America and the rest of the world.

The film is reminiscent of Morgan Spurlock’s work and introduces us to not just Chris but the rest of his family, including his well-meaning but clueless mom and his steroid-using brothers, and explores the personal and cultural ramifications of performance enhancing drug use.

Chris starts with the question of why his brothers feel the need to “cheat” in their bodybuilding and powerlifting and is surprised to learn how deep the steroid rabbit hole goes in both everyday gyms and professional sports, and how bizarre and unfounded much of the demonization of these drugs is.

While the film isn’t decidedly pro-steroid, it does tend to gloss over the negative effects of steroid use.

Make no mistake: while certain drugs, like testosterone, may not be as dangerous as we’re told by mainstream sources, improper use of them can result in serious, and even permanent, damage to your endocrine system. One bad cycle can be all it takes.

Furthermore, the most common complaint I hear among drug users is the psychological addiction. Once they get a taste of life with supercharged hormones, normal becomes incredibly disappointing and they find themselves going back to the drugs time and time again for the “hormone high.” Nearly every long-term, regular drug user I’ve spoken with wishes they had never started for this reason alone.

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