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Battlestar Galactica

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Battlestar Galactica

 I’m a pretty picky TV watcher. Most shows just aren’t that compelling to me–within a few episodes I just don’t care anymore and would rather read a book.

Well, Battlestar Galactica was not one of those shows. In fact, like the first seasons of Lost,Dexterand 24BSG basically usurped my mind and I ended up binge-watching the entire series over Christmas break a few years ago.

BSG is a remake of the 1970s series that tells the story of humanity’s demise at the hand of intelligent robots it created (the inspiration for Terminator), and it just has that magical combination of superb casting, acting, and writing that immediately sucks you in, regardless of whether they’re a sci-fi fan or not. Hence, the long list of awards and honors.

What particularly impressed me was how well the 5-season story arc was unfurled. No jumping the shark, no “where the hell are we even going with this?” (cough, Lost seasons 2+), and very few filler episodes, and never-ending tension and forward motion…it’s just an outstanding piece of storytelling.

Give the first episode a gander and let the fun begin. :)

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