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It’s hard to find comedy whose characters are quirky but not annoying, and whose writing is witty but not obscure, sophisticated enough to make vulgarity work, and funny enough to genuinely make you laugh out loud.

Archer is all of those things. And I love it.

What’s it about? Here’s a quote from

At center stage is Sterling Archer, top agent for an outfit known as ISIS, which just happens to be headed by his domineering, sex-starved mother, Malory. Others on the team include agent Lana Kane, Sterling’s once and no doubt future lover, nerdy company comptroller Cyril Figgis, Lana’s current boyfriend, and some colorful supporting characters.

But this is mostly about Sterling, who, in addition to his fancy spy chops, is an irresponsible liar, ne’er-do-well, and wastrel (he spends an entire episode breaking into the agency’s mainframe so he can blame someone else for his outrageous expenses).

His missions, in which he’s often joined by Lana (the better to hurl flirtatious epithets at one another), are fairly stock: Cuban missile submarines off the Florida coast; an arms dealer peddling stolen weapons; a bomb threat on a luxury airship.

This show is full of brilliant absurdity reminiscent of Family Guy, hilarious puns and insults, and all kinds of ridiculous shenanigans. It’s a fun time.

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