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An Optimist’s Tour of the Future


An Optimist’s Tour of the Future is stand-up comedian Mark Stevenson’s intelligent, insightful, and genuinely funny exploration of what’s next for us humans.

Stevenson takes us on an odyssey of human development, introducing us to the sci-fi that’s becoming reality in a slew of industries like biotech, commerce, nanotech, artificial intelligence, and more.

Stevenson’s curiosity about it all is simple: what will it mean for the future of our species?

While the technologies themselves are interesting, the interviews with the people behind the research are even more so.

As you can guess, the book has an optimistic slant to it all, but his well-reasoned arguments are a welcome respite to the relentless assault of doom-and-gloom that we’re hit with every day.

Who knows…maybe the future is going to be far more exciting than many people think? Or maybe Stevenson is just whistling past the graveyard. Only time will tell, but I think you’ll enjoy Stevenson’s brand of hope.

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