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MFL Podcast 21: Interview with Kelly Starrett on the modern healthy lifestyle

MFL Podcast 21: Interview with Kelly Starrett on the modern healthy lifestyle

In this podcast I interview Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD and we talk about the detrimental effects of sitting too much, various “little” lifestyle choices that can harm or help us in the long run, his new book that is launching in October, and more!




Becoming a Supple Leopard






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  • Tom

    Great podcast! Do you have a list of all the books Kelly references?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Good idea! Adding.

  • sj

    that was a brilliant and insightful podcast. did dr kelly mention the release date for his other publication ‘deskbound’? do you think your future bodyweight training book will have the same ethos regarding range of motion, and movements which help for a very functional and powerful body, as well as a strong one?

    all the best

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Yeah October I believe.

      Absolutely on the book. I’m excited for it!

  • arodnyy82

    Here is a $22 way to put together a stand up desk using IKEA parts. http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html

    • Michael Matthews

      Nice, thanks!

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  • Amanda G

    All great info. One of my favorite interviews. Investing or building a standup desk ASAP. The one thing I could not wrap my head around was wearing flat shoes. I clean my house barefooted and my feet are hurting after. In college, I bought the those flat skater shoes. I could not wear them out to concerts or festivals because standing in them for hours would turn painful. I think my arches are too high for this flat shoe/bare foot notion. I do run in vibrams and am on board with the running/sprinting in a non-heal impact fashion. However, the all day every day flat shoe is not for everyone. I’ll have to check out “Ready to Run” and see the research behind this.

    • Thanks! My standing desk is en route. I’m pumped for it. I was surprised on the foot point as well.

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