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Product Review: Jaybird BlueBuds X Earbuds

Product Review: Jaybird BlueBuds X Earbuds

The BlueBuds X are wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds designed for active people. In this product review I discuss how they work, what I like, and what I don’t.








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  • Jason Thillman

    What’s the model of the headphones that you usually use? You mentioned the brand I think 🙂

  • Taras Happydreamer

    Ha, bought those about a year ago and also spend a long time choosing. All in all, not disappointed and would also recommend.

    The only thing is the battery which in a year of use lost some capacity, but still makes about 4 hours. Also not the smoothest feeling for ears at first (like sennheiser with wire) but you’ll get used later.

    Would totally recommend for running due to a great grip. I use them with nike running app. No visible damages after a year of intense use.

    • Michael Matthews

      Nice, glad to hear it. Yeah that’s to be expected with the battery. I agree that the “ear feel” is a little odd. Not uncomfortable. Just different.

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