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How to Quickly Gain Muscle: The Simple Science of Building Mass Fast

How to Quickly Gain Muscle: The Simple Science of Building Mass Fast

So you’re looking to quickly gain muscle? You’ve come to the right place.


Gaining muscle quickly is simply a matter of diligently applying the laws of muscle growth, which are as certain, observable, and irrefutable as those of physics.

When you throw a ball in the air, it comes down. When you take the correct actions inside and outside the gym, your muscles grow. It’s really that simple, and these laws apply regardless of how much of a “hard gainer” you think you are.

These principles have been known and followed for decades by people who built some of the greatest physiques we’ve ever seen. Some of these laws will be in direct contradiction of things you’ve read or heard but fortunately, they require no leaps of faith or reflection: they are practical. You follow them and you get immediate results. And once they’ve worked for you, you will know they’re true.

So, let’s look them over.


Muscles Grow Only if They’re Forced to

How to Quickly Gain Muscle

This law may seem obvious and not worth stating, but trust me, most people just don’t get it. By lifting weights, you are actually causing tiny tears (known as “micro-tears”) in the muscle fibers, which the body then repairs and adapts the muscles to better handle the stimulus that caused the damage. This is the process by which muscles grow (scientifically termed hypertrophy).

If a workout causes too few micro-tears in the fibers, then little muscle growth will occur as a result because the body figures it doesn’t need to grow to deal again with such a minor stimulus. If a workout causes too many micro-tears, then the body will fail to fully repair the muscles, and muscle growth will be stunted. If a workout causes optimal micro-tearing but the body isn’t supplied with sufficient nutrition or rest, no appreciable amount of muscle growth will occur.

For optimal muscle growth, you must lift in such a way that causes optimal micro-tearing and then you must feed your body what it needs to grow and give it the proper amount of rest.

Use this workout and flexible dieting program to lose up to 10 pounds of fat and build muscle in just 30 days…without starving yourself or living in the gym.


Muscles Grow from Overload, Not Fatigue or “Pump”

how to quickly gain muscle mass

While many guys think a burning sensation in their muscles is indicative of an intense, “growth-inducing” workout, it’s actually not an indicator of an optimum workout. The “burn” you feel is simply an infusion of lactic acid in the muscle, which is produced as a muscle burns its energy stores.

Lactic acid does trigger what’s known as the “anabolic cascade,” which is a cocktail of growth-inducing hormones, but elevating lactic acid levels higher and higher doesn’t mean you build more and more muscle.

Muscle pump is equally worthless in terms of muscle growth. The pump you feel when training is a result of blood being “trapped” in the muscles, and while it’s a good psychological boost and isn’t a bad thing, it’s just not an indicator of future growth. High-repetition workouts fail to sufficiently overload muscles to trigger growth, even though they deliver quite a pump.

What triggers muscle growth, then? Overload. Muscles must be given a clear reason to grow, and overload is the best reason. Trust me on this one. High-rep drop sets, giant sets, supersets, etc., are for the magazine-reading crowd. Such training techniques simply do NOT stimulate growth like simple, heavy sets do.

The same goes for the confused crowd of “muscle confusion” advocates that say you need to change your routine every week or two. This is pure nonsense. You can make incredible muscle gains by doing the same proven, mass-building exercises every week, steadily increasing weight and reps (overload).


Muscles Grow Outside the Gym

how to gain muscle fast

Most training programs have you training way too often. They play into the common misconception that building muscle is simply a matter of lifting excessively. People who have fallen into this bad habit need to realize that if they did less of the right thing, they would get more. Yes, I said that right: do less, get more.

How does that work? Well, muscles grow during the recovery period—the period of time between workouts of the same muscle groups. When you overload your muscles, your body gets to work adapting them to overcome future overloads, and to do the job correctly, it needs sufficient rest and nutrition.

If, every week, you wait too few days before training a muscle group again, you can actually lose strength and muscle size. If you allow your muscles enough recuperation time (and eat correctly), however, you will experience maximum strength and size gains.


Muscles Grow Only if They’re Properly Fed

steps to gaining muscle

How important is nutrition? Answer is one word: everything. Nutrition is everything. Simply put, your diet determines about 70-80% of how you look (muscular or scrawny, ripped or flabby). You could do the perfect workouts and give your muscles the perfect amount of rest time, but if you don’t eat correctly, you won’t grow—period.

Almost everyone gets this wrong. They just don’t give their body what it needs to rapidly build muscle. Sure, we all know to eat protein, but how much? When? What kinds?

What about carbs—what kinds are best? How much? When should they be eaten to maximize gains?

And fats…are they important? How much do you need and what are the best ways to get them?

And last but not least, how many calories should you be eating every day? How large should your meals be as the day goes on?

You must have the right answers for these questions and more if you want to get the most out of your training.


how to build muscle fast

Quickly packing on slabs of rock-solid lean mass is, in essence, just a matter of following these four laws religiously: lift hard, lift heavy, get sufficient rest, and feed your body correctly. That’s how you build a strong, healthy, ripped body. As you see, it’s much simpler than the marketing departments of supplement companies and their magazines want you to think.

What do you think about the four laws to gaining muscle? Have anything you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Nikki

    Love this article, very short and to the point!

  • giovanni

    interesting lecture. i can see mike mentzer laws, on there… well done

  • DougA-NJ

    How are you defining “micro-tears”?
    Can you steer me to some research where these tears have been observed and quantified?

  • Isaac

    Mike, I’m 17,I’ve read your book and tried out your style of working with only 3 sets of 4-6 reps and it has really increased my strength and mass at a very fast rate! I currently weigh 80kg and my strength is constantly increasing on all my lifts.However I am still unable to do a pull up and can only do one set of chest dips, any advice on how to be able to get strong enough to be able to do these exercises as they are very important to build muscle and strength! Thanks

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for writing Isaac! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well! Just to make sure, you’re doing 9-12 heavy sets per workout, not just 3, right?

      Don’t sweat the pull-ups and dips. They will come. In the meantime just keep working on your other exercises. Come back to them every 3-4 weeks and see if you can do them.

  • Jorge

    Hi Mike I Read your book and got very good results kind of fast but then I feel no progress at all, my biggest concern ishow can i know when to lift a heavier weight, for example on my first set i do 6 reps and sure i could do 7 or 8 i do just 6 then on the second and third set i can only do 5 or 4 reps and this happens for weeks what should i do?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Jorge! It sounds like you’re not moving up in weight when you should. Once you get 6 reps, go up in weight on the next set. That way, over time, you lift more and more weight.

      You also want to make sure you’re eating enough. Diet is very important.

      • Paul

        Hey Mike. I think I have faced that similar situation as Jorge above. If Im doing 65lb dumbbells and can hit 7 reps (instead of 6 as max) on my first set, after resting for 2-3 minutes sometimes I can only get 5 reps on my second set and then only 4 on my last set.

        In this situation if I did 6-7 reps on my first set and then “up’ed” the weight to 70lb dumbbells for my second set, I think I might barely get 3 reps. However, is this what you think we should try? Or try heavier weight the following week beginning with set 1?

        • Michael Matthews

          Yeah it happens. What I find works nicely is getting up to 8 reps and then moving up, that almost always allow for sets of 4 to follow…

          • Paul

            Will try that next time Im stuck. Thanks Mike!

          • Michael Matthews

            Okay cool! Lemme know how it goes.

  • David

    Hi Mike, how many days per week should i be training. Is doing just deadlift, squat, and bench enough during each of those daily workouts. I’ve been lifting for about 1.5 years but have stalled in gains. I wonder if I’m over training and not getting enough rest. Or possibly just not eating enough. 158lbs at 14% bf but hoping to get up to 160 or so but drop bf to 11%….. thanks

    • Michael Matthews

      Hmm well it really depends on what type of program you’re following. If you’re following a Starting Strength-esque program, 3-4x per week is all you can do. If you’re targeting one major muscle group per day, 5-6x per week is possible.

      I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on my Bigger Leaner Stronger program because you’re in a perfect place to start it. You will break through your plateau very easily…

  • Chris

    Excellent article very well worded and delivers top quality information !!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Chris!

  • Dany

    Hey Mike, also that’s a very intresting article, you have litterly elimnated all the “pre-known” bodybuilding therories that we were all convinced that they were correct once. I Have shifted now from 3 rounds 8 reps excerices to 3 rounds 6 reps exercices, only now I m lifting even heavier without feeling the burn that I used to feel in the last 2 reps, so is this a proper workout way? or I got it all wrong :S ? Thanks again Master 😀 !!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Dany! Believe it or not there are quite a few bodybuilders that know the importance of heavy compound lifting, but the general mainstream advice is bad, yes.

      Yup you won’t feel that burn anymore, but remember the burn doesn’t mean anything special in terms of gains. It’s actually just annoying, lol.

      So get your 9-12 heavy sets per workout, always push for more reps than last week (if possible), and eat right, and you’ll do great!

  • Naldo

    Heavy compound movements: 3 sets of 5-8 reps. Isolation movements: 8-10 reps is all that is needed. As long as that weight on the bar/dumb bell is moving up you will make progress. But definitely agree that your diet makes up about 80% of the work. Bad nutrition/not enough = no gains regardless of how hard you go in the gym.

    • Michael Matthews

      I prefer 6-9 heavy sets per workout before any higher rep work is done, but you can do much worse than 3 per workout followed by 8-10. Yeah, poor diet ruins everything no matter how well you train.

  • Mark

    In your book you say that it takes between 2 and 5 days for your muscles to recover? Then why is it you recommend a once a week body part split? Why not train the muscle again within 2-5 days instead of 7?

    • Michael Matthews

      Because the amount of time it takes to recover really depends on how much damage you’re causing in your training. The BLS workouts are quite intense, and most people will need 4-5 days to fully recover.

      Also remember that because you’re doing a lot of compound movements, you’re training many of your muscle groups multiple times per week beyond the one day of direct training each get.

      Hope this helps!

  • TC

    When you say 9-12 sets per workout do you mean each exercise?

    • TC

      I’m sorry I wanted to be more clear with my question. When you say 4-6 reps at 9-12 sets per workout is that 9-12 sets for each exercise ex. squats, deadlifts, etc. or for the entire workout? Thanks for all the info!

      • Michael Matthews

        Nope, for the entire workout. 3-4 sets per exercise. Hope this helps!

  • Chad Gregory

    Haha it amazes me how wrong and inaccurate this artical is. I guess they will make up anything thing now just To get A story in. Smh

    • Chad Gregory

      It doesn’t matter how much streets you put your muscles in over A workout. Your body’s job is to repair it while you sleep. It’s natural! Now this doesn’t mean go and do the same workouts the next day and hit the same muscles that is indeed overtraining. 2 to 3 days maximum is all you need to rest before you hit the same muscle fibers again. But make sure you take a week off at some point because your body will get used to the intensity and adapt. Your body can and will adapt to the workout/slash intensity your inflicting on it. That

      • Chad Gregory

        Sorry I wrote this on my iOS so auto correct made it difficult for me. I have very large hands lol

    • Michael Matthews

      The old rep range debate is really frustrating, but check out the following:


      https://www.muscleforlife.com /the-hardgainers-guide-to-guaranteed-muscle-growth/

      The big “secret” behind the high-rep, high-volume workouts espoused by the big fitness models and bodybuilders is…drugs. It’s really that simple. Working in the 12 – 15 rep range for 2 – 3 hours per day is GREAT if you’re drugged up because your body can actually repair all that damage. It can’t if you’re natural though (unless you have crazy, Olympian genetics).

      Ironically, even the vast majority of druggers that know what they’re doing (professional bodybuilders mainly) lift REALLY HEAVY. I’m talking about 25 sets per workout in the 3-5 rep range, lol. Talk about getting crushed…

      • Tim

        Michael, I have to call you on that one. Professional bodybuilders, for example in the IFBB, the juiced to the gills ones, lift using really light weights relative to their size. They do tons of sets and reps and focus 100% completely on the muscular contraction. They don’t perform the whole range of motion as they only do the certain part of the exercise where they feel it most on the muscle. No locking out, or touching their chest on the bench press.

        • Michael Matthews

          You’re right Tim–that’s becoming more and more prevalent these days at the elite levels.

          The guys of Ronnie’s days were much more into the “power bodybuilding” approach.

          • Tim

            Hey Mike, what exact body builders are you referring to besides Ronnie Coleman?

  • parv

    this is the best artical i have ever touched.
    Hope your advice could help me.
    i have started lifting heavy in small reps however i would like to know,
    1:- can i increase the sets with 6 ot 8 reps?
    2:- what should be the perfect weight for 5’6 height?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thank you!

      Yes you can use the 6-8 rep range as well. Do 9 – 12 sets per major muscle group.

      Hard to say on your height as this really depends on how you want to look. But I would guess 150ish 7% body fat…

      • Parv

        Thank you Michael !
        A small but very improtant question :-
        i wanna gain more muscules so what should i add in my daily eating?
        I Believe this is too important to have a good meal.

        • Michael Matthews


          What I like to do is focus on eating a bunch of calorie-dense foods. Here are my favorites:

          Red meat

          Grains like brown rice and quinoa

          Oils like coconut oil and olive oil


          Whole-fat dairy

          Multi-grain pasta and bread

          Almonds and almond butter


          White and sweet potatoes

  • andy

    Hi mike, Thanks for the great article. Simple n straight forward. Does shoulder press work the same muscles as front raises? Is it good to include both exercise for shoulder training?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Andy! A shoulder press, whether DB or military, works a bit more than the front raise the front raise just isolates the front delt. Both are good exercises, but the latter doesn’t replace the former.

      I include both in my training because I need more front delt. 🙂

  • Will

    Hi mike, great piece. I’m just wondering if you could help me out at all, I haven’t had much success in the gym in awhile. But a typical gym day for me would be like chest/tri: 4 sets of bench, working from 10 reps down to 6. Dips 3×10. Flys 3 sets, 12,10,8 reps. And then some variation of a triceps exercise on a cable machine. How does that sound?

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Will.

      I don’t like combining muscle groups like that unless I have to, but the bigger problem is pyramid training sucks, and you need to be doing more compound lifting for your chest.

      Check out this article of mine to learn more:

      https://www.muscleforlife.com /the-hardgainers-guide-to-guaranteed-muscle-growth/

      • jeremy clark


        it feels like i am a responder to all of these, but I agree with mike, other than arms. I agree that each muscle group should get their own day, except arms. maybe it is just me, but i feel that you do more for biceps and triceps when done together. what do you think mike?

  • Arun Singh

    Hi good part u have shared

    I have one query.i joined gym from last 2mnth a i gain good mass in bicep,tricep,trap & upper chest but i can’t shape my lower abdominal .kindly sugest

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  • Anonymous Atom

    What about Westside Barbell’s practice of the conjugate method and cycling routines? They don’t do the basic, simple progressive overload you advise here.

    • Anonymous Atom

      I can also comment from personal experience, that “high rep” cycles have absolutely resulted in increased strength, which allowed me to lift more weight when I moved back down to the lower-rep Power/Strength end of the spectrum (that you recommend here).

      I’m absolutely convinced it wasn’t merely a matter of ‘de-training’ taking place. The sheer amount of work volume (during the high rep cycle) forces the muscles to adapt.

      • Michael Matthews
        • Anonymous Atom

          A good summary article as usual. (you def have one of the best sites around for summarizing and distilling everything, along w/ applicable citations)

          I do have to question though, whether the ‘advanced’ periodization (Simmons-type stuff) is really only for advanced lifters.

          I’ve tried to integrate similar principles (as Westside) since the late 90’s, and it seems very helpful (granted, I’m older now, don’t have hard goals in any direction — just a “little bit of everything” approach – general physical preparedness). And I don’t have access to all the specialized equipment they use. So since I’m not “pushing the limits,” maybe my experience isn’t applicable to someone just starting out.

          But cycling workouts between low rep / power explosiveness, low-medium rep / strength-hypertrophy (your recommended range), higher rep (and/or lower rest) / anaerobic, and on occasion, low rep / endurance (or just flat-out jogging) really seems effective for constant growth for me. Seems as though I can always *slowly* increase somewhere on the spectrum, w/o plateauing or burning out. Granted, because I cycle frequently, progress in any area is slow… but constant.

          (a pox on the house of anyone who mentions the word “crossfit!”) ;P

          Anyhow, look forward to that next book!

          • Michael Matthews


            By advanced lifter I mean someone that a) can maintain proper form on the big lifts with very heavy weights and b) has achieved intermediate strength levels.

            In my experience, these people do the best with periodized programs that include very heavy lifting. Anyone can add some higher rep stuff to the end of their workouts though.

            I also do best on a periodized routine. No doubt about it.

    • Michael Matthews

      This type of periodization is great but it’s for advanced lifters. I actually will be talking about it in my next book, which is coming out soon.

  • Rick Solis

    I have been doing experiments on myself, some times in the extreme and I have to say this article is right on !. You only have so much “muscle” currency” to spend and your goal is to purchase “micro tears” not to pump or exhaust your muscle but to fatigue It under heavy load. You can exhaust your muscle of all Its fuel to the point you can barely lift a pencil and you probably won’t even be soar the next day , stop wasting your “muscle currency” and your time.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Rick and I agree! You’ll like this article too:


      • Rick Solis

        Thanks Michael I read the article It’s pure gold as far as I can see I will continue my workout experiments and get back with my results so far I am right in line with what you are saying and I have learned even more from the article and If this proves out there are whole swaths of the fitness Industry that are completely wasting time and old beliefs are going to die hard.

        • Michael Matthews

          YW! Glad you liked it.

          Sounds good keep me posted on how it goes! 🙂

  • Pedro Rico Jr.

    Hi Michael,

    I have a question for my little bro, I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Could weightlifting at the age of 12 stunt his growth?

    Thank you in advance.


    Pedro Rico Jr.

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  • I am using a herbal formula containing ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, gokshura, Chlorophytum borivilianum
    I find fascinating the idea of herbs working together in synergy

  • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I do my best to check and reply to every comment left on my blog, so don’t be shy!

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  • Amber

    I think Ben Pakulski mi40x for bodybuilding is one of the best way for not only building muscle but losing weight as well. Do check out the system yourself. Besides this, I think that this article is quite well-written and shows some of the best techniques.

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  • Shruti Sinha

    This is a great blog! I am really enjoying it. I want to share one link which have some tips about gain stronger muscle : http://www.ironhealthsupplement.com/blog/how-to-gain-stronger-muscles-faster

  • Boo


    I just came across your article and I’m ok with the laws apart from the overload. I’m trying to follow instructions but either what I want to know isn’t there, or I’m not understanding it.

    I’d like to know if you have time, what the reps and sets are for the overload are. When I read it, I’m only understanding what I should NOT be doing, I’m not understanding what I SHOULD be doing.

    I understand it’s heavier loads than my usual, but I don’t know to what extent I should be doing this.

    May you help me, I’m fed up of gaining then losing then gaining then losing. I’ve tried methods from bodybuilders as they say to do lighter loads of between 8 – 10 reps for 6 sets. Sure it puffs me out, but that’s all it does, it doesn’t last. If I’m honest I actually found better results from lifting heavy, 3 sets of 10 reps.

    I’ve also been told to work one muscle group once a week. No matter how big and defined these guys are, I just can’t bring myself to wait that long before my next session as it feels like I’ve lost everything I gained from the last one by that time.

    So how many reps and how many sets? It wasn’t clear when reading the overload law.

  • Daniel Sherbaum

    Hello. I am wondering if you have any workout schedules that I can use to bring to the gym for workouts? I can’t watch any videos, because I am deaf, so I have no idea what you were saying, unless you have videos that have closed captions? In the meantime, I want to tell you that my goal is to lose a few pounds and get toned up as well as building bigger muscles.
    Also, I work overnight where I tend to starve for junk food. Is it possible for you to have a diet meal schedule for me? Let me know. Thanks!
    Daniel Sherbaum

  • Dundundun

    This is awkward..
    I want to gain muscle and all but it almost feels like checking out people since I’m a girl.. but I’m really not, I’m not the type. And my mom’s staring at me from the side like wth I didn’t know you were such a horrible daughter why you lookin’ at porn ( she’s very conservative )

  • Colin Van Winkle

    Yo Mike, what do you think about optimum nutrition’s mass gainer? I think I’m very leptin senstive: 6’2″ 167 and eating 3300 cal/day and not seeing much weight gain, was wondering if a mass gainer would help.

    • Ehhhh. I’m not a fan of weight gainers in general because they’re just full of junk calories (mainly carbs). I much prefer eating real food, and just stick to calorie-dense foods.

      Take a look at this:


      LMK what you think!

      • jeremy clark

        I think that rather than a weight gainer, just replace that out with a whey protein shake. Like Mike said, they are chalk full of carbs and not complex carbs.

        I think most people have problems not getting enough protein in. I know When I eat protein from whole foods i am full and can hardly fit room for carbs. So I’ll eat a little less chicken or eggs and repclase it with the equivalent protein plus some.

        If my chicken would account for 80g protein, I’ll reduce it to 70 grams via chicken, and then drink a 30g protein shake. My overall protein is now 100 grams which is adding another 20g of protein or 80 calories.

        I cannot stress enough that proteins are called supplements for a reason. they are meant to supplemement the gaps. if You fell like you cannot eatt those extra 130 calories that will meat your goal for gains, a shake is less filling and will help you.

  • Tinsae Bayu

    Hello Mr. Matthew, I am just a random teen who has high metabolism and i wanted to know if you have any tips on people with high metabolism. I eat a lot of food, but you know people like me cant get fast muscle like others who have the right body for muscles. Thank you :D!

    • Yep, I do. Check this out:


      Hope this helps! LMK what you think.

      My pleasure. 🙂

      • jeremy clark


        I too have a high metabolism. You might consider supplementing with shakes. For most of my meals, I eat whole foods, which are quite filling making it hard to eat even more whole food. I started supplementing (adding extra calories) via the liquid method. Liquid calories seem to fill me up less and so I can add them to my meals. OR say you eat a meal every 2-3 hours. maybe in between two of those meals drink a thick protein shake.

  • Camilly Zoe

    It truu i do home rutine because i have a baby just one month ago sow gym is too much now i do one day and one off rutine legs arm botty exercise i have two day off rest and today i do two set and my body was ready for more i was impress because i am very weak and i drink42g protein every time i finish my workout my own body ask me for more amazing☺️ Att diamondmimi

  • German

    Great article! I’m currently doing the 90-day body transformation challenge and I gotta say that heavier loads did trigger my muscle growth. I started the challenge 3 weeks ago. I was 143 pounds and now I’m 150 pounds. My goal is to gain at least 10 more pounds of lean muscle.
    By the way, I blog about my progress here: http://muscletech2016.blogspot.ca
    Check it out, would love to hear some tips from you.
    Also, I heard that heavier loads trigger your body to unleash growth hormones especially if you do low reps (2-4) but with heavy weight and rest longer period between the reps. What do you think about that?

  • Larry Weaver

    Hey I have a question! I do home exteriors like siding and all that stuff, so I’m constantly walking back and forth, climbing latters, lifting objects and all that, all day. Would you still recommend 5 days of lifting and a couple bouts of cardio?

    • Hey Larry! Yep, that should be fine. You’ll just have to increase your intake accordingly to account for the activity. Other than that, you should be good.

  • panda

    hi I’m trying to get a bigger butt without bigger legs is that possible? what are the best excersise show much should I do? how many days do I need to rest in between ? thank you

    • That’s tough to do, but there are a few exercises you can work on that target the glutes without working the legs: barbell hip thrusts, glute bridges and the glute blaster.

      I’d do 3 sets of each 2-3 times a week.

      Welcome! LMK how it goes.

      • jeremy clark

        Actually one Workout I found you can put a lot of weight on the glutes are the assisted pull up leg press downs. go heavy single leg and explosive on the press, but resist the return as much as you can and as slow as you can.

        Another that i feel works a part of the glutes not targeted in other exercises is a vertical leg press on the smith machine. I can pack 670lbs on the smith machine and do 6 rep sets until the cows come home. I my glutes are always sore after those two.

  • You’ve really put up the article in a nice way but I have a confusion here. For someone like me ,who once had good muscles but because of an accident was on bed for past 3 months, have to follow the above laws from the first one throughout..??

    • Absolutely! You have “muscle memory” on your side, but basic principles will always apply.

  • Great article…It require a strong objective, and after that you require an arrangement on the best way to acquire that goal. Without those two things, you’ll see no difference and will look the same.Thanks for sharing…

  • SaniK

    Great article! few questions: I’m 6’4 white 32 y/o love basketball. While I can grab the rim on a good day, how can I achieve full body physic with an emphasis on vertical jumping height? (aka professional NBA body) I know about plyometrics but I never achieved and real results and I never understood what types of foods and protein I should be eating as well as at what times during my workout. I run 2 miles almost every day with 5lbs leg weights on or 3 miles without.

  • Umer tanveer

    EAT MULTIPLE MEALS its greet articles help for body bulding

  • Dave

    Hi great post ,
    Few questions ,
    I have love handles That i cant get rid
    of , same with fat in my chest that make it look like small tits ,
    Am 1m83 and weigh 78 kg ,16%body fat , started working out 4 weeks ago,3 times a week , taking only after workouts a protein shake with adding a banana
    I can see slowly an overall improvement , am in growing stage ,
    When do I start cutting ?
    How do I cut ?
    How do I get rid of those fat handles ?
    I did 4 years ago a diet a weighted
    71 kg looked like a skeleton and still had those fat handles .
    Thank you so much

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  • Toh Hao Wei

    I am a 16 y/o teen, skinny 175cm 53kg , I do pushups daily , work with only 6kg dumbbells because thats all i got at home , usually eat little , sometimes even skip meals just because I am lazy. also I am pretty picky about food , honestly i know nutrition is really important , can you advise me on how i can improve

    • Check this out:


      You can start getting creative and increasing resistance with your bodyweight exercises. Weighted vests or backpacks can help.

      • jeremy clark

        I am 31 and only started lifting 3 years ago. If there were one thing i could have done when I were your age, was work towards progressive overload, and eat like a billion calories a day. It’s rough being as skinny as you are. I was only 54kg at your age and 5’10. i felt like a stick

        All I can say is eat eat and eat more. Monitor your weight on a scale and keep increasing your calories weekly until you start gaining. Get a couple friends to help spot you and go heavy, eat a lot, and rest 9-10 hours a night. with proper lifting and nutrition your growth hormones at your age will help you tremendously.

        • snt2

          My son was very skinny starting out and it may be difficult for young “picky” eaters to put down enough calories. He purchased a mass gainer product and it helped him gain the weight he needed. It may not be cheap however.

  • jeremy clark

    So I think the biggest issue I’ve seen and experienced myself is following the extreme findings of the time. To better explain this, I read hypertrophy was x amount of reps with x amount of difficulty.

    Later I come to find out that my “body type” responds better to lower reps for size. then i have a trainer tell me that I should be working in the 10-12 rep range again for proper size.

    It’s really easy to play the lane change game and switch because things seem to be going slow enough that the research of the time explains why. What I have found to work for me is practicing the best of both worlds.

    While the pump isn’t necessarily going to increase size alone, neither is just tearing a muscle fiber. I have found that pairing both in a single session really was a game changer. This is why I super set heavy with light. I use heavy to tear down the fibers, and then a higher rep to pump the blood into those muscle tears. More blood=more nutrients = quicker inter set recovery.

    For example, I will squat super super heavy with a spotter on each side, then i will move over to leg extensions and chase the pump. Everything is growing now.

  • Jeff Burgham

    Hi Mike! I have been intermittent fasting for about 6 months and I have really enjoyed it. I do it for the appetite suppressing effects and the health benefits, and I typically have a 4-6 hour eating window.

    Do you think I would still build muscle at a good rate while on IF compared to eating throughout the day, regardless if I were to eat the same amount of calories. I have read that muscle protein synthesis is OPTIMAL when you eat 3-5 meals throughout the day, but I was wondering if it would make that much of a difference.

    Great article, keep up the good work!

  • Corey clare

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  • Nice Post! Thank’s for sharing!

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