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How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally and Safely

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally and Safely

What does it really take to get rid of cellulite naturally? Creams? Massages? Medical procedures? Magic?


I want to do some posts specifically for women, starting with a question I get asked often: how do you get rid of cellulite naturally and safely?

Ironically, cellulite was once respected as an attractive symbol of wealth. It meant you could eat rich foods and didn’t have to physically labor. Well, these days almost all women have cellulite to one degree or another, and it’s generally considered a blight–a sign of a lazy, unhealthy lifestyle.

Millions of women spend tens of millions of dollars per year on all kind of cellulite treatments looking for a cure, and aren’t any better for it. Is there anything you can do, really? Fortunately, there is.

Now that summer is here, it seems like a good time to dive into the subject and help you sort the BS from the truth, and work out what you can do to get smoother, sexier legs, hips, and butts.

What Is Cellulite Anyway?

what causes cellulite

We all know what cellulite looks like–it’s the bumpy fat deposits that often appear on the legs and butt, but can also show up in the hips, stomach, and arms. Sometimes it’s severe, and sometimes it’s quite mild, only visible when you pinch the skin.








Well, what you’re actually seeing are swollen fat cells putting pressure on the surrounding fibrous tissue. This then pulls the skin downward and creates the telltale pitting that makes so many women self-conscious.

what is cellulite

Women are more prone to develop cellulite than men for three primary reasons:

  1. Hormonal changes that weaken the fibrous tissues surrounding fat cells and negatively affect the skin’s support structures. These effects are normally seen between the ages of 25-35, when women’s estrogen levels naturally decline. This causes a loss of blood vessel receptors in the thigh and hip regions, and less circulation means less nutrition to the area, which blunts collagen production (resulting in weaker skin and connective tissues). Menstrual cycles also play a role, because women’s bodies release an enzyme before that breaks down collagen.
  2. They naturally hold more fat than men, and particularly in the “stubborn” regions that are most affected by cellulite. Research has shown that females aren’t as good at oxidizing fat as men, and it’s possible that estrogen levels play a role as well.
  3. Their fat cells are distributed in vertical columns, which are more prone to bulging, whereas men’s are arranged in a denser, net-like pattern that is resistant to pitting.

Cellulite also gets worse with age. The fibrous connective tissues (septae as they’re known) stiffen and the skin loosens, making the “mattress look” becomes even more pronounced.

How to Test Yourself For Cellulite

cellulite exercises

The percentage of women with cellulite is staggeringly high–between 85-98% according to some research, and it’s medically classified into four stages:

  • Stage 0: No noticeable dimpling while standing or lying, and the pinch test shows folds and furrows, but no mattress-like appearance.
  • Stage 1: No dimpling while standing or lying down, but the pinch test shows mattress-like appearance.
  • Stage 2: Spontaneous dimpling when standing, but not when lying down.
  • Stage 3: Spontaneous dimpling when standing and when lying down.

What is this pinch test, you might be wondering? It’s very simple.

Using your index finger and your thumb, pinch the skin on your outer thigh, buttocks, or abdomen, and look for dimpling.

If you can only see some dimpling when you pinch, but want to make sure it doesn’t get worse over time, then I recommend you start taking simple, preventative actions now.

Ineffective Cellulite Treatments

how to get rid of cellulite fast

Before I talk about what works in the treatment of cellulite, I want to save you the money and frustration of wasting your time with snake oils and other scams.

The following “cures” for cellulite don’t work:

  • Cellulite shoes. These ridiculous looking sneakers will make walking a chore, causing you to wobble around like a drunk. What they won’t do, however, is help treat cellulite.
  • Cellulite creams. These products contain various substances that are supposed to inhibit fat storage in the areas where cellulite is worst. Well, it’s BS–if we could only rub a cream on our body and inhibit fat storage. Instead, these creams usually just induce temporary swelling, which reduces the appearance of cellulite…until the effect wears off.
  • Cellulite massage contraptions. These are supposed to “break up the fat cells” and while they may temporarily improve the appearance of the areas, they don’t deliver long-term results.

So, what does work for reducing the appearance of cellulite?

Effective Cellulite Treatments

how to get rid of cellulite naturally

Notice that I said reducing the appearance of cellulite, because genetics do play a role here. You may not be able to completely “cure” yourself of all vestiges of it, but there certainly are things you can do to help make cellulite less noticeable.

Reducing the appearance of cellulite requires that you do three things:

  • Address the health of the connective tissues and the collagen in the skin. The weaker and stiffer these tissues are, and the looser the skin is, the more prominent cellulite becomes. By improving the health and elasticity of these tissues, you can reduce the visibility of the cellulite.
  • Lose body fat. The more fat you have in the affected areas, the more exaggerated the cellulite will look. By losing fat, you’re taking the pressure off the surrounding tissues, which naturally reduces the severity of the pitting.
  • Increase blood and lymph circulation. Poor circulation and lymph drainage (lymph is a substance your body uses to dispose of waste) can lead to inflammation and swelling, which directly aggravates the problem, and it also inhibits the reparation of the connective tissues and collagen that play vital roles in the appearance of the skin. If blood and lymph flow remains decreased for extended periods of time, hardened collagen bands can actually form around the fat globules, further worsening the cellulite and making it even harder to get rid of.

So, let’s get to what you can do to accomplish these three goals. Fortunately, it doesn’t require spending a fortune on lotions, supplements, fancy devices, or medical procedures.

Lift weights

This is more important than many women realize.

According to Dr. Murad, author of The Cellulite Solution, the more frequently you move blood and lymph around in the affected areas, the more you can reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Well, guess what is an incredibly effective way to stimulate blood flow and lymph movement and drainage? Yup, weightlifting is. So here’s another reason why you should be squatting!

Another cellulite-related benefit of weightlifting is that as your muscles grow, every area of your body naturally tightens, giving you a smoother, fuller look (and avoiding the dreaded “skinny fat” physique).

Want a workout program and flexible diet plan that will help you build muscle and lose fat? Download my free no-BS “crash course” now and learn exactly how to build the body of your dreams.

Include plenty of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet

Unfortunately, the average American diet contains way too many omega-6 fatty acids, and way too few omega-3s. This promotes the development of many types of disease including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

Well, among omega-3’s many benefits is the fact that it stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation, which can help with the reduction of cellulite.

Fish oil is one of the few supplements that I highly recommend you take every day, and here’s yet another reason for me to promote it.

Diet to lose fat, and particularly the stubborn fat

Reducing your body fat percentage can obviously have positive effects on your cellulite, but it’s not the end-all cure as some believe (as evidenced by the many skinny girls out there with cellulite).

That said, if you’re overweight, bringing your body fat into a normal, or athletic range, will definitely help.

And even if you’re not overweight, you can still carry quite a bit of stubborn fat, which is the type worst affected by cellulite. By reducing this fat in particular, you can alleviate the cellulite.

How to do this is bit beyond the scope of this post, but head on over to my article on how to lose stubborn fat to learn more.

Two other supplements to consider

As you may know, I’m not into pushing pills, but I want to mention two other supplements that are commonly recommended in conjunction with handling cellulite. Don’t count on them to be more effective than weightlifting and fat loss, but they’re cheap, and they just may help.

The first is an herb called gotu kola. Research has shown that it increases collagen production, and improves blood circulation, which can both positively impact cellulite.

gotu kola cellulite

Click here to buy Gotu Kola on Amazon.com

The second is horse chestnut, an extract of the seed of the Aesculus hippocastanum tree.

Research has shown that it improves circulation and has anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce fluid “spillover” in areas affected by cellulite, and thus reduce its visibility.


Click here to buy Horse Chestnut on Amazon.com

The Last Thing to Remember

how to get rid of cellulite on thighs

Before I sign off, I want to just point out that cellulite is, by and large, and issue of perspective. It isn’t unhealthy per se, and isn’t nearly as noticeable to other people as it is to you.

Being lean, strong, healthy, and fit are far more important–and beautiful–than just having smooth skin.


What’s your take on getting rid of cellulite? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Angie

    I was so excited about this article!! I have actually noticed a difference in the back of my thighs since starting your program 4-5and weeks ago. I think mainly from fat loss. Obtaining smooth posterior thighs has been one of my main motivations to keep me on track. Thanks!

    • Thanks Angie! That’s awesome you’re seeing improvements! Yup, fat loss and muscle growth would be the two main reasons. Keep it up!

      • nikki

        I was just curious on the program… i have your book TLS. Is this the program you mention. I am Puerto Rican and have always had juicy thighs and cellulite around that area. I am on a goal to work this out and the rest of the body.

        • Thanks for reading my book! I hope you liked it.

          You can definitely use the tips in this article to improve the visibility of your cellulite.

  • Thanks for putting that into perspective. I feel better knowing that it’s completely natural and should be last on my list of things to worry about. “Being lean, strong, healthy, and fit are FAR more important-and beautiful-than just having smooth skin.” Thanks, Michael.

    • Thanks Anna! Really glad you liked the article, and yup, I’m all for doing what we can to improve our physiques, but some perspective always helps. 🙂

  • I always look forward to your articles, Mike. I’ve struggled with lipomas since I was in my early teens, and I swear (so does my boyfriend) that since I’ve started doing weightlifting seriously and eating way better, those things have shrunk. Maybe it’s my imagination or just the fact that my skin has gotten a lot tighter, but I’ll owe you forever for getting me to this point (and no new ones in months!) And I can’t complain about not having any cellulite either. Hallelujah. Squats 4 Life.

    • Thanks Mariana! Really glad you like my working. 🙂

      I’m not surprised that weightlifting and eating better has helped. Check out this image:


      As you can see, when you don’t have much muscle, there’s just a lot more room for fat. By filling out your frame with muscle and reducing the fat, you naturally have a much smoother, more defined look.

      • That image is really inspiring and really disturbing at the same time. It makes complete sense though! I’ve dropped from 24 to 19 percent body fat, and I’m still steadily losing weight. My thighs thank you, haha.

        • Yeah I hear you on the image. So cool on your gains. You gotta send me pics one of these days! I’d love to feature you as a success story…

  • Brit

    I ha e genetic cellulite. I’m a figure competitor and typically compete at around 9% bf. Still, my cellulite is visible right up until peak week. I have found that body brushing helps with the circulation problems you mentioned. Also yohimbine taken for the lasr 4 weeks prior to competition worked well.I’m just starting my next round of show prep so will try the herbs you mentioned and let you know how they work.

    • Thanks for the comment Brit, and thanks for mentioning body brushing! That’s two votes for it. 🙂

      It makes sense that yohimbine would help because it increases blood flow.

      Definitely let me know if you notice anything with the two herbs mentioned in this article.

  • Cellulite! The curse in every woman’s life. Cellulite is a muscle fiber issue rather than a skin issue. You need to strengthen and stretch the fibers between your muscles to build a solid platform to stop those fatty lumps pushing through and making your skin look bumpy, but you need a certain type of exercise.

    5 minutes will change your life forever. See Yourself http://www.exerciseforcellulite.com

  • Ronald

    FREE Cellulite Removal Presentation
    Weird Tips to Help You Get Rid of Cellulite:: The video presentation above shows you some unique and rare tips on how to release your cellulite, for a sexy lower-body. This is based on true physiological science on how to stop the actual CAUSE of all the unattractive, mushy dimples and saggy shadows in your lower-body trouble-spots and problem areas..Watch video

  • Sammy

    Interesting article! My story: Three years ago, I started out lifting weights. I was 5’7″ and 108 pounds, 21% body fat (I’ve always been thin).Ten months ago, I moved to Pilates – 3x a week. Six months after my Pilates run, I hit the beach in a tiny string bikini and I was happy with the way I looked. I had some cellulite, but not enough to make me worry. I was down to 19% body fat and weighed 114 (I am 44 years old and was told not to go lower than 18%). I did not keep up my weightlifting. Big mistake! In February, I added Tababta to my Pilates regiment. Three weeks ago, I began to notice the appearance of cellulite all over my thighs. What? I could not believe it – my legs and butt are rock solid and I eat healthy! I thought I was the only one of the planet with this problem. I am just sick about it.

    My research – your article included – has armed me with helpful tips. I know it will never go away – I am female – but its appearance can be reduced. I gained 40 pounds (doctor’s orders) when I was pregnant with my son (he’s 12). I had cellulite all over my thighs. I lost the baby fat and the cellulite virtually disappeared. I would like to get back to my December body. That is my goal. I am keeping Pilates, but I think I will ditch my Tababta for weightlifting. It seems as if my muscle has pushed my cellulite to the top. How does more muscle = more cellulite? Is it – the muscle – in a sense, “stretching” my skin?

    • Thanks Sammy! Glad you liked the article.

      Great job on what you’ve accomplished with your body–you’re in awesome shape.

      From everything I’ve read, more muscle means less cellulite simply because it tightens the area, which makes it look smoother. When you cut out the lifting, you’ve certainly lost some muscle since (just how the body works), which may have led to an increase in the appearance of cellulite.

      Great on your goal. Definitely let me know how it goes. I’m very curious if putting the weights back in will help. It will make your muscles grow, which should make the cellulite less visible.

  • Chana

    Hi Mike,

    I have read 3 of your books and have started with Thinner Leaner Stronger …. I
    had a back injury from squats a couple of years ago that kept me out for
    a year and do not wish to go back to doing them. Could you please
    suggest to me what I should do as an alternative to squats and RDL with
    my leg and butt day as you mention in the book as an ‘approved’ alternative ? At present I am
    doing dumbbell lunges and leg press. I know I could do with a third
    exercise or a few for variations so could you please help.

    • Thanks for reading my books and writing! That’s great you’re starting the program.

      Some ideas:

      Hack squat (this is actually very easy on the back and worth trying)

      Front squat (this is much easier on the back–worth trying as well)


      Leg press (can you do this?)

      Leg extension and curl (not the best, but not worthless)

      I hope this helps!


  • Kamylle

    Oi Mike, tenho 17 anos, treino a 3, sempre visando a redução de gordura para definição, aos poucos estou aprendendo a treinar corretamente,a ter uma alimentação saudável, onde já notei muita diferença no meu corpo.A um mês comprei seu livro aqui no Brasil,curitiba, Paraná, e em questão de 2 semanas de treino seguindo suas dicas,estou conseguindo chegar ao meu resultado final o BodyFitness, Estou realmente admirada pelo seu trabalho e conhecimento, e lhe agradeço de todo coração. Desejo a você muito sucesso.
    Desde de já
    sua fã nº1 do Brasil.
    Obs: seu corpo é perfeito e você é lindo, Parabens !

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks for writing! (I’m using Google Translate by the way, haha.)

      Great on your goal and I’m glad you’re doing well on the program! Keep it up and keep me posted on your progress!

      • Kamylle

        Pode deixar, estou me esforçando bastante, e fico ainda mais motivada quando encontro pessoas que são pleno sucesso como você ! muito obrigada 🙂

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks so much! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  • Ipsita

    I have read it ,nice article,I have also learnt something

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Glad you liked it!

  • Amy

    When you mentioned that men do no have as much trouble with cellulite are you referring to the ratio of beta vs alpha-adrenergic receptors?

  • Starlyte Ht

    Since I passed the 50 years, instead of being under 50kgs, I’ve gained half that again,and cellulite every where. Being handicapped by my right leg, I can only walk with a stick, and I have arthritis that gets worse each year, so I don’t get much exercise, and with 20 odd kilos more to carry I get even less. The thought of a swimsuit this summer is out of the question. I’m going to try you supplements, and weights is one exercise I can do. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    • Michael Matthews

      I’m sorry to hear about the troubles you’re running into. 🙁 That said, we start simple: let’s get you rolling on a proper diet and doing whatever you can in terms of exercise. Have you tried light work on a recumbent bike? It’s a very low-impact way to do cardio…

  • Andrea H

    Hi Mike! Great article! I love that you support every assertion you make with research! I’m a trainer and Kin student so I’m always looking for that! I will definitely be implementing some of your recommendations. I’ll try to take before and after pics… in the interest of science of course 😉

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Andrea! I’m glad you like my work. 🙂 Awesome please do keep me posted on your progress!!

  • Heather Jameson

    Great post!
    In my opinion, if you want to get rid of cellulite naturally, you need to eat the right way and to do coffee ground wraps daily!
    This is how I did it in just 2 months!To read my full story, go to,
    —cellulitenomore. net

  • Sophie Valentine

    What is your opinion on body wraps? I hear they work, but it just seems too good to be true

    • Michael Matthews

      They’re silly when used for weight loss. Anything you lose is just water weight that will come back quickly.

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  • joe johnson

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  • joe johnson

    If you have any bumps, dimples uneven skin in your legs, buns, hips, and thighs, or any part of these areas, then you you should discover a powerful, yet simple
    method to destroy the cellulite on your butt, hips, thighs and legs within 28 days, leaving you with a smooth, tight, sexy lower body by visiting following and reaching excellent reference created by Joey Atlas called “Truth About Cellulite”:

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  • ashley carson

    Since the muscle structure directly beneath the ‘cellulite’ skin area has a tendency to be more atrophied in some women (this can be tied to genetics) – the out layer of skin simply has no choice but to ‘pucker’ and dimple – instead of laying smoothly tightened around well-toned, firmly lifted muscles.

    With the RIGHT exercises (anti cellulite exercises) – a woman can get her muscles to respond. And by stimulating these muscle layers directly – atrophy is reversed and a natural toning, shaping and lifting effect occurs – resulting in a structural smoothing of each layer of the ‘dermis’ – which ultimately shows as a ‘leveling’ effect on the outermost layer of the skin – the one you see when you look in the mirror. I found and followed the advices on a very good reference and managed to reverse my cellulite. http://www.cellulitetreatment.pw

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  • Gickelie

    Good to know about cellulite. Here is a good site too: http://anti-cellulite.org

  • Kim

    Great article thank you for sharing. I have been dealing with this cellulite problem for about a year now and have been very upset about it. The only thing that really stumps me is that I have changed my lifestyle in the last year. I am eating healthy and working out about five days a week. It seems as if my cellulite that was once only on the back of my legs has moved to the front. How is this possible?! I am in the best shape of my life and workout on a regular. I am losing hope fast that I can get rid of it.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Kim!

      Hmm that’s interesting. Are you weightlifting or?

      • Kim

        I was doing a lot of cardio classes but I have now really started focusing on weight lifting at least two to three days a week and doing lots of squats. I am hoping that helps. Also, what are your thoughts on body wraps? I am leaving on vacation next month and was hoping that might be a temporary fix to make the cellulite less visible?

        • Michael Matthews

          Ah okay cool. The lifting is very important. Have you seen this post of mine?

          https://www.muscleforlife.com /the-ultimate-fitness-plan-for-women/

          A body wrap may or may not help temporarily. Worth a shot I suppose?

  • Melissa Locks

    I have lost all of my baby weight from having my 3rd daughter and of course being a 32 year old mother of 3, there can be areas that needa little extra help. I read a review that if you use the Lady Soma Berry Masque on cellulite – it would work. This is a glyolic mask.

    This mask will not replace proper diet and working out. However, in conjunction with, it is excellent. Decided to try the Lady Soma Mask on my stretch marks – I apply it to the area I want to treat and I wrap myself in saran plastic wrap. I see beautiful smooth results. I’ve even noticed a HUGE decrease in the creases on the skin on my neck. Which has been a proble since I was young. Anyway, my BUT is, you have to still work out, eat right and drink lots of h20. Enjoy the results!

    • Michael Matthews

      Great job! I’ve never heard of that product. I’ll have to look into it!

  • Mary Tavernetti Trost

    What are my thoughts/experiences with cellulite? I have it and it sucks.

    Love your stuff.

    • Michael Matthews

      Haha thanks Mary. You can do something about the cellulite!

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  • Nataly

    This method gave excellent results. Here I leave the link.http://bit.ly/18OIu9m

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  • Wilstr

    I have been working out and lifting weights for years and have not seen a reduction in my cellulite. I have stage two and even when i was competing in figure competitions I had visible cellulite. I lift weights regularly and I compete in Olympic weightlifting. I am not super lean but I am fairly muscular but I have not worn shorts since I was 13 and I am now 34. I feel like there is only so much I can do and am considering surgery. Any suggestions?

    • Michael Matthews

      Hmm if you have plenty of muscle and are relatively lean then you might be dealing with a genetic issue. 🙁

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  • Morris Beckham

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  • Morris Beckham

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  • yesica

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  • Kim Anguiano

    Hi Mike, I wanted to ask about the best supplements for fat loss? also to if you think collagen supplements help with cellulite? I have gone through 4 pregnancies, the last one was twins. I have gained and lost 40 to 50 pounds, 5 times in the last 12 years, and now stress has put me at my highest weight. I really appreciate your advice, your forums are great! Right now my cortisol levels are really high, I heard Magnesium helps with stress, and Pregnenolone helps increase progesterone levels and helps with adrenals. What are your thoughts? Thanks Kim

  • Angela

    What is a vegan alternative for fish oil supplements? Thank you.

    • Michael Matthews

      Flax seed oil is decent. I like Udo’s Oil:


      • Angela

        Udo’s Oil is already part of my diet. At least I’m doing something right. Ha! Thank you for this article Michael. Such smart suggestions. I’m going to try gotu kola.

        • Michael Matthews

          Nice! Thanks! Let me know how it goes.

  • Alysa

    Thanks so much for this information. I am going to try the things you have recommended and see what happens. I just turned 34 and never thought I would have this problem 🙁 I am 5’3 and weight 125 and my cellulite seems to be getting worse. Some on my upper thigh and more on my butt which is weird becuase I dont have much of a booty. I tired to work out at least 3 times a week but not easy being a single mom. I do desk work but try and get up and move as much as I can. Hopefully I can make this better before it gets any worse

    • Michael Matthews

      Great, let me know how it goes! You can definitely do a lot to fight it.

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  • sheldon

    Off topic but they must build those Reef girls in a factory somewhere. They are amazing.

    • Michael Matthews


  • Sara

    Hey Mike, great article, this is definitely needed for me as I’m going to be a personal trainer and I can guarantee that a demand from my female clients will be to get rid of any cellulite if they have any. The best thing is that I can also apply this knowledge to myself since I have some mild cellulite around the back of my thighs and some around my calves too. Three years ago it was absolutely terrible and I hated kneeling down with shorts because suddenly my skin would look so loose and it wasn’t good on my self-esteem, however since I’ve become very keen on my wellbeing it has decreased and almost gone, but there’s just that last few that I need to remove. I’d just like to know from you personally however- do you know any exercises which actually lift the bottom area and tighten the back of the thighs since this is one of my priorities for my fitness, not necessarily based on ‘the physical appearance’ – as a future trainer my aim is for health which reflects from the appearance meaning that the prevention of illnesses and diseases is something I pay attention to, both for myself and the people I’ll be training. I’ve subscribed to you too and I’ve already checked out a bit on lesson one so I look forward to reading more into your site.Thanks for the time you’ve taken to research this and cite it too- it’s greatly appreciated! Enjoy the rest of your night.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! Yes, you’re going to hear a lot about cellulite. 🙂

      Yes definitely. Deep squats, proper lunges, and blugarian split squats will do the trick. You want that booty. 🙂

      Are you doing these exercises?

      • Sara

        Indeed, but that’s not something that I’m complaining about. I’d like my clients to be as honest with me as possible as this not only gives results to them, but also allows there to be trust 🙂 the split squats sounds interesting, that I never tried, squats I’ve done before but it’s not been the main part of my workout although it really should be. Haha! It’s not all on the booty, it’s mainly for the toning of the area and strength in the leg region too, of course, the additional bonus is the ass itself, something to boost confidence 🙂 thanks for your advise dude! Have a good day!

        • Michael Matthews

          Squats are your staple for building your butt and legs. You MUST be squatting every week, at least once per week, to get the results you want.

          • Sara

            Oh yeah dude, of course, I do that anyway, even naturally through Yoga 🙂

          • Michael Matthews

            Weighted squats though. 🙂

          • Sara

            I’ve heard they’re more challenging and work better, I’ll keep that in mind for my practise, thanks dude!

          • Michael Matthews

            They definitely work better. Heavy and deep!

  • Aimee Cardenas

    I love your article! I do have a question though can taking suppliments like bromelain, flaxseed, horse chestnut seed, and the fish oils all in one day affect me or my cellulite in a bad way?

  • rei

    Hi, I was just wondering if the supplements you recommended for weight loss are also compatible with the supplements recommended here?

    • Michael Matthews

      Yes they are

  • wajahat zaidi


    I was searching for some homepage about rid of cellulite today when I came across your site.

    Awesome stuff!

    I just launched a guide that teaches people how to get rid of cellulite
    at home. All I’d ask is that you’d consider mentioning it on your blog
    or writing a review.

    Let me know how that sounds.


    wajahat zaidi


  • Melissa

    Hi Mike, loved the way you discussed cellulite because it gave me hope and a plan. Very cool that you understand how it impacts a womans self-esteem….Thank you!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked it.

  • lala

    what a great article…very informative and it didn’t have the old infomercial feal.

    • Michael Matthews


  • Medusa

    Thanks for share! Very interesting article and useful information. In the article Anti-cellulite Massage at Home describes a very good massage techniques that you can do at home.

  • Merikay Purcell

    Good morning. I appreciate all the information you’ve posted. I am 49 years old (today), about 5′, 7.5″ and weigh 129. I do mainly strength training with a little cardio thrown in. I’ve recently changed to a lower carb lifestyle as I have very severe cellulite. I’m what they call skinny fat. I have visible cellulite from my knees to my tush on every single inch of my upper legs. I do dumbbell split squats, barbell squats and dead lifts. I do leg extensions, leg presses, and a couple other leg exercises on machines the 2 days a week I’m able to go to a gym. Most I do at home. I’ve just started being more consistent in working out 4-5 days a week so no results yet. I know it will take a few months to begin to see them. I still have a lot of jiggly fat on my upper legs and of course my tush.

    I began taking gotu kola and horse chestnut, the brands you recommended about 2 weeks ago because I have circulation issues in my legs. I sit during the day a lot and although I do get up a lot, my legs tend to swell. I have already noticed a reduction in my appetite taking the 2 herbs and am hopeful it will help with circulation.

    My concerns are that I have what looks like rolling cellulite, for lack of a better term, above my knees on the front of my legs, then normal dimpling on the rest of the front upper legs and sides, while the back of my legs from the knees up have almost look like the skin is sagging. When I’m in a squat position the back of my legs are hideous. When I lift my foot off the ground the skin crinkles like a paper bag!

    I really can’t do lunges because of an issue with arthritis in my toes but I’ve begun increasing the weight each week so I can barely finish each set.

    Have you ever seen a thinner woman with a case of cellulite that severe, honestly, who successfully toned their legs? And I mean real life experience with someone who’s not a work out junkie. Just an every day person who is working hard and getting very discouraged.

    Sorry this is so long, I’m desperate for a change but can’t afford a personal trainer or trips to the gym daily. I drive 1.5 hrs each way to work. I stay in town where I work 2 days a week and can use the gym but the other days I have to rely on my equipment at home.

    I sincerely appreciate any help you can provide. I’d be willing to send photos of my legs as that might help you understand my particular situation.

    Thank you so much!
    Merikay Purcell

    • Michael Matthews

      Great on everything you’ve been doing!

      There are genetic factors to consider with cellulite–some women have it more than and have more trouble getting rid of it than others–but everyone can at least improve the situation by getting lean and building some muscle.

      Do you know your body fat percentage?


  • Tracy

    Thanks for the article. I’m a 32yr old athletic female who works out 5 days a week. I lift 3 days (squat 115, leg press 160 to give you an idea) and do cardio 2 days (spin or boxing). I also eat pretty healthy. However, my thigh cellulite, despite significantly increasing strength, working out, and improving my diet, has stubbornly remained with slight improvement. I will start taking more Omega 3’s and those supplements you suggested. Hope it helps! But thanks for making realize that it’s pretty normal and it doesn’t make me fat!

  • Kloe Kariki

    When a friend told me about a new cream that she is trying, called the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Cream, I really didn’t think that it would work. As a matter of fact I even laughed at her for trying it. She was telling me all about the routine that she had to do with it, and frankly, I thought it was too much of a hassle to do for something that more than likely didn’t work anyway.

    Now, I have to say that I had to eat a little crow when she actually started showing a decrease in the cellulite on her thighs! So naturally, I ordered the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Cream online. I originally thought that it was a little pricey, but when I consider the progress that I have made by using it, it’s really underpriced.

    I ordered the 4 fl. oz. jar of the Somaluxe Cream and it actually lasts for a while. Don’t get this wrong, it didn’t happen overnight (for me it took around 1 1/5 weeks), but then again I had a lot of cellulite. I know, I said it too! But doing the process of applying the cream, wrapping myself in saran wrap (I felt really silly), then gauze, really was the key to get it to work. I did use a heating pad but I would assume that a warm (not hot) blow dryer could work as well.

  • stephanie_j2888

    Any recommendations on how to help ease/get rid of cellulite pain? I was 251 and am currently down to 222 and still have about 60 lbs to loose but the pain in my left thigh is awful! I have a desk job so I have to be sitting for hours at a time and it’s just a constant throbbed when I’m sitting. I have thick thighs but you can’t see a ton of cellulite…they really look pretty good for my weight, but that one spot kills me and I do upper leg workouts daily to try and battle it and I feel like it’s not helping 🙁

    • Michael Matthews

      Wow I’m never heard of cellulite pain… Are you sure it’s not something else?

    • nicole

      This is typical symptoms of a DVT. PLEASE get it checked immediately. It can be life threatening.

  • I am quite excited with all the article content of your site. It is easy to see that you are impassioned about your writing.

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  • goodgirl111

    Try a low sugar diet and exercise. Here is a great post on that http://www.whysugar.net/how-do-i-get-rid-of-cellulite/

  • Fjm13

    I have had cellulite on the back AND FRONT of my thighs since I was about 15? I’m tall & slim (5ft11 weighing 10stone) I am extremely bottom heavy. So I have no fat on my arms chest or stomach, all my weight is on my thighs! Typical pear shaped woman. Now I’m absolutely desperate to get rid of it! I’ve never worn shorts out bar one time in my whole young adult life. And being 24 I want to do this!
    I have paid hundreds for laser lipo, which didn’t even completely diminish the appearance. I even lost another stone & I still had obscene amounts of cellulite. It just won’t go! 🙁 is this down to the way my body stores fat? And btw when I say I have cellulite. I mean it is the worst I’ve seen on a normal woman, even friends who are much more plump than me don’t have it as extremely as me. I go on holiday at the end of August. I’m feeling lipo is my only option. Someone save me from my thighs from hell!!!!

    • Michael Matthews

      No worries! We can definitely get rid of the fat. Let’s start with a proper diet and exercise routine!

      Start here;


    • guest

      I feel the same way you do. I think I may have a fat disorder called lipoedema or lymphedema. people with this condition lose weight up top but cannot lose weight on the lower half and esp. their lower legs…google it.
      Unfortunately in the USA there are not very many doctors who are familiar with it. I noticed you said “stone” . If you are in the UK the doctors there; and also in Germany especially, seem to know more and are very helpful; if you indeed have this disorder.
      But it isn’t a quick solution, diet, exercise, bandages, compression hose, lymph massage and surgeries are all part of tx.
      Hopefully yo do not have this disorder and it can be solved with regular exercise and diet.

      • Michael Matthews

        Interesting. I’ll check it out.

  • nia

    cellulite is a major major issue for me,i just dont look at my legs anymore,,,i am a mother of 5 kids i do 30mins of exercise each day,i tried every cream you can think of even start trying home remedies,,,i dont wear short clothes anymore…i would do anything to get rid of them….so michael your article is such an inspiration…thanks

    • Michael Matthews

      I’m sorry to hear that. Let me know how things go. I think weightlifting and getting your body fat % under 20 could help a lot…

  • disqus_ZOZPKaAGSG

    Hi . I’m 17 year old teanage boy and have excessive amount of Cellulite and stretch marks(yeah let that sink in). I really don’t care about the stretch marks because I think stretch marks never decreased anyone’s attractiveness (I’m going off topic sorry) anyway I weight a huge 270 pound and my height is 5.5 . so you can tell I’m an extremely obese person . I’m finally able to join a gym , what type of exercise do you recommend me to do other than lift weighting , because it doesn’t seem like an option to me …

  • Goldie C. Merrill

    I want to share this easy anticellulite massage. Doing it daily it can be really helpful against cellulite. Take a look at it: http://youtu.be/RaBvID-qlWA

  • AngelaGale32

    The most important part in getting rid of cellulite is exercise and proper nutrition. If you want to get rid of the cellulite and get ready for the bikini season, I recommend checking out:


    After trying literally everything, this was what gave me the best results in the shortest amount of time. I’ve now got the body I’ve always dreamed of and best of all, I’m now getting a lot more attention, because my skin has become as smooth as I had in my twenties.

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  • Linda

    Thank you for the helpful tips you provided. I had a lot of cellulite few months ago, but I managed to reduce it following some exercises.

    • Michael Matthews

      That’s great!

    • Madline

      Can you tell me what exercises? I am desperate

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  • Helen Farrel

    If you have been unsuccessful at getting rid of your cellulite with all of the hyped up, expensive “cures” – I can tell you that I found a reference to educate and empower you and most importantly it will expose you to the only successfully proven way to banish the cellulite from your body – regardless of your age or “genetics”… You may review it at:


    Since 4 weeks I have been using it and the results are unbelievable. I have my skin now as I had in my twenties, smooth and without any cellulite.

    I highly recommend it. Use it, you will be very satisfied.

  • Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I do my best to check and reply to every comment left on my blog, so don’t be shy!

    Oh and if you like what I have to say, you should sign up for my free weekly newsletter! You’ll get awesome, science-based health and fitness tips, delicious “guilt-free” recipes, articles to keep you motivated, and much more!

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  • Brian Friedopfer

    I decided to try DermalMD Cellulite Reduction Serum product for some cellulite on my thighs. I have applied it for a week and have seen a slight decrease in dimpling on my thigh. It smells great and is not greasy. I plan to continue to use to see if I get better results and will repost in the future. Received free for inspection and review.

  • Sandra

    What do you think about taking CLA and L-carnitine to fight cellulite?

  • Sandra

    And also – what do you think about taking collagen supplements or gelatin supplements?

    • Gelatin may help with loose skin and certain collagen supps can be good for joint health.

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  • red

    I am desperate when it comes to getting rid of cellulite. I weight train and it still isn’t helping. In December I was at 14.7% body fat and the cellulite was still horrible, stage 3. I’m now at about 11% and its still a stage 2. I know at much lower isn’t a healthy all the time body fat percentage. What else can I do

    • How are you measuring body fat percentage? I highly doubt you’re 11% as that’s DANGEROUSLY low for a woman (and very, very hard to achieve).

      Check this out:


      • carmen

        I was at 11% a few years ago. I am 52 now, so probably a little higher. More muscle than fat then I guess. The way it was done is by getting into a pool where they measured the fat. Not sure if this is accurate.

        • Okay and did you check out the article and look at the pictures? Do you look 11%?

          • carmen

            Hi Mike, sorry for the late response. Yes, I loved the article and I am preparing to move forward in changing my body composition and figure. A long time ago, yes I looked like 11%. Now, no I don’t and need to lessen fat of my body (cellulite), tighten skin, lean out. Doing alot of research via your information and just ordered your book for women and some supplements that you recommended. I am one of those that buys several supplements. I currently do take CLA, L-Lysine, L-Carnetine, Multi-vitamin, Digestive Enzymes, B-Complex. I have others but I don’t take them in a daily basis. Just depends. The one thing I really miss which worked so great was Xenadrine RFA-1. Had the combo of MaHuang, White Willow Bark, Guarana(caffeine) Bitter Orange (5mg Synephrine) among other ingredients. I kept a list of the ingredients. It helped burn fat without touching the muscle.
            So now I am looking for (besides working out), similar stuff that will aid with my process. I eat very well as it is. I have ordered Phoenix and waiting for your FORGE and TRIUMPH to be n stock. I would like to definitely define an amazing workout to loose fat, gain lean muscle, tighten, reshape.

            Thank you,

          • Okay cool. I like the overall plan and thanks for picking up my book.

            Have you seen this article of mine?


            Thanks for all the support. Let’s get you to your goal!

          • carmen

            Thank you Mike. I haven’t I am reading it now. Thank you so much.

          • YW! 🙂

          • carmen

            Hi Mike, I was reading this article in Men’s Health. Can you provide your input on this? It looks like it’s not meant for women but more curious on the effectiveness and truth.

          • Total bullshit.

          • carmen

            Really tell me how you feel. LOL. That’s what I thought when I was reading the ingredients. Thanks for your honesty.

          • Haha. No problem!

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  • Sandra

    Thanks for answering my questions about CLA, gelatin, collagen supplements and L-Carnitine.
    So – this is what I’m doing to fight cellulite:
    jogging or spinning almost every day
    rolling my legs on a foam roller
    increased water intake everyday

    one green tea supplement – the one you recommend
    2 gotu kola supplements
    1 horse chestnut supplement
    2 tablespoons of flaxseed in a greek yogurt
    1 probiotic supplement

    What do you think?
    Would you add/subtract anything here?

    Thanks so much!!!

    • My pleasure!

      I like this. I’ve HEARD that body brushing can help too but can’t find any research on it. It’s cheap and easy so maybe worth adding?

    • Erin Ryan

      So have you noticed an improvement?

  • Sandra

    One more question:
    Should I add Bromelain and that other supplement you recommended – starts with an F (I can’t find that article again) to what I’m already taking:
    green tea extract, gotu kola, horse chestnut, 2 tbs flaxseed, fish oils, multivitamin, probiotic.

  • Has anyone tried the program Truth About Cellulite? Can also be a useful tool in the fight against dimples! I wrote it up here: http://healthylivingbynicole.com/Cellulite

    Good luck 🙂

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  • Bear

    Are there really no other methods? I’m young, have never been overweight in my life, eat all organic, no sugar, meat, or highly processed foods (mainly fruits, veggies, beans and cheese), and exercise 1-3 hours a day, and I still have cellulite on my thighs. Is there anything else to get rid of it?

    • I’ve heard body brushing can help but can’t find any good research on it. Reducing body fat can help too.

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  • ChrisC82


  • MaryWilcox

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    I highly recommend it. Use it, you’ll be very satisfied.

  • Amanda Praytor

    I have been using a cellulite
    massager along with Dermalmd cellulite cream for a month and have been pleasantly
    surprised. I reserved writing a review until I was convinced it had
    actually made a difference and it has. Have used endermologie in the
    past but this is a very cost effective way to boost your confidence.

  • Jen Watson

    I used to suffer from cellulite on my legs for about 10 years so I can relate to people who experience it. No creams, products or laser treatments ever really did anything for me (trust me, i tried them all) but I was actually able to completely get rid of my cellulite naturally after my cousin told me how. I only had to do 2 things:

    1. Drink atleast 1.5 litres of water everyday. Hydration is one of the main aspects (way more so than diet ever was)

    2. Follow every step in the free video & in the guide seen at the website solvehealthproblem*com/cellulite to get to the root of the problem.

    Try those two steps and hopefully you will get as much luck with getting rid of your cellulite as i did. Another thing worth trying is apple cider vinegar which works short term but it tastes disgusting and you really need to prevent it from returning!!!!

  • Should I say this article is a complete guide for me as it comprises causes, symptoms, cure and all the significant aspects that are need to be known about cellulite? I mean I don’t have to look for any alternative once I get along with this.

    In order to remove cellulite with cream, one can try http://www.revitol.us/products/cellulite-cream/ as well.

  • Lisa J

    Being a women I can understand how much it matter to adhere a good body. I know having cellulite is such a bad feeling. I have tried each and every thing to Remove cellulite effectively. But I got it banished with the exercises and improving my eating habits. That all what I did.

  • Vanessa

    If you have been unsuccessful with getting rid of your cellulite with all of the hyped up, expensive “creams” – I can tell you that I found the only successfully proven way to banish the cellulite from your body – regardless of your age or “genetics”…

    TINYURL [DOT] COM/destroy-cellulite-101

    Since 4 weeks I have been using it and the results are unbelievable. I have my skin now as I had in my twenties, smooth and without any cellulite.

    I highly recommend it. Use it, you’ll be very satisfied.

  • Spot on as usual Mike. Keep up the good work.

  • Mary Djuric

    I have had it real bad my whole life. Last time I worn shorts was 15 yrs ago. It kills my confidence and makes me want to cry every time I see it. Been lifting weights on and off for a year now, but in the past month I bought a bar and some serious weights. I can see legs emerging slightly under all that grossness. Determined to prove everyone wrong who told me its genetic and there is nothing I can do. I believe and I do, its all that’s needed to succeed. No longer going to hate that part of myself, in fact I’m so proud of myself because I already look like someone who works out, better than I ever have, long way to go but I’m already half way there 🙂 Thanx for confirming what I already knew and thanx for motivation which is so needed for this beautiful struggle 🙂

    • That’s right girl! Glad you’re determined now and are seeing results. 🙂

      Definitely keep me posted on your progress and write anytime if you have any questions or run into any difficulties. I’m always happy to help.

    • Crissy

      Mary I would really like to hear how this works out for you. I feel entirely the same way, and my mom’s is bad too and she walked every day of her life, and I don’t want to end up with legs like hers! I’m now 41 and in the last 2 years it has gotten really really bad, even though I weight train and eat well. However, I haven’t done “real” squats, only have done it on that machine that you sit reclined. I also have been reading about taking collagen that helps rebuild skin and such. So I just started that, and doing bone broth which gives collagen as well. I would love for us to connect somehow and share our experiences and successes. Maybe we can figure this out!!! thanks! would love for you to email me [email protected]!

      • Pickie

        I have been taking Collagen, and it has really helped. 🙂

    • Pickie

      I honestly believe it can be done, Mary. People just don’t want to take the time to do the research, and stay disciplined with properly formulated nutrition and weight training. I am finding that these things are helping me as well. You can do it! 🙂

  • TD

    I had quite a bit of cellulite on the backs of my upper thighs for several years making wearing shorts and bathing suits nightmarish for me. I noticed when I dropped some body fat along with regular weightlifting and seriously reining in my diet, it greatly improved. Body brushing was recommended to me by a friend in the fitness business, and that helped too. Great article.

    • Awesome that you’ve improved it with training and dieting. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Anna

    Hi Michael, thanks for the article.
    I’ve struggled with cellulite for ages & have just found out my body fat percentage is pretty high at 29%. The problem I have is its taken me 8 weeks of blood sweat and tears to lose 1% of body fat! This is from fasted cardio am 3 times a week/weight training 3 times a week with a trainer & tennis 2x a week. I’m feeling a bit stuck… Any ideas?
    P.s currently take fish oil/gotu kola
    I would like to get my body fat down to 20% but it seems like a reaaaallly long process at the rate I’m tracking!

  • anna

    hello Michael,
    I’m 20 years old 168cm height, 59K weight and I have stubborn cellulite on my botox (butt) I don’t see myself fat and I have never been fat before!

    I don’t know why I have it 🙁 I’m very shy to appear on bikini or shorts because of it, I don’t know what to do please help me is it real that there’s no cure for it:(!!

  • Ann Failla

    hey everyone, I would like to suggest you all about the cellublue which will help you to remove the cellulite. It is a best anti cellulite device which removes the unwanted fat by fat cells.

  • There are several things you can do for this! Check this out:


    LMK what you think.

  • Lily Kylie

    This is very useful information. I would like to share my experience also. I used dermalmd cellulite reduction cream for my butt. This cream changed my life! I had cellulite for many years and tried other so-called solutions that didn’t do anything. After visiting the dermalmd website i knew about Cellulite reduction, I decided to give it a try and the results are fantastic!

  • Sam

    Wonderful article and honest advice!
    I wish more ladies were willing to try proper weight training and just throw in cardio when they really need it… I found it to be much more effective for improving the appearance of my legs.

    As a competitor, cellulite is a no-no, but ladies I can tell you that most competitors backstage have it! It is a natural thing and not something to be down about. Lowering body fat is your best bet, be consistent in your training and diet and you will get results.

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it.

      I completely agree with you. Thanks for sharing!

  • jackie

    Hi Michael!

    Thanks for the article– really helped me understand WHY and WHAT cellulite is.

    I’ve heard a lot about a natural coffee scrub made of coffee grinds, olive oil, and water, to use on cellulite areas to reduce its appearance. What is your take on this? I would be using this in conjunction with a healthy diet and weight lifting.


    • My pleasure! I’m glad you liked it.

      You know I’ve heard that can help too. Body brushing as well. Just haven’t found any research on any of it. You could give it a go and see. It won’t harm anything.

  • Kasia Strozyk

    After my two back-to-back pregnancies it’s safe to say that I am no stranger to stretchmarks and cellulite. I have been using a few different creams, serums and oils and they’ve all done their part in helping with each of my many skin issues. What I like about DermalMD Cellulite Cream is that it does the job of practically all my other skin products by itself!
    I have been using DermalMD Cellulite Cream for a few weeks now and love the results I’ve achieved with it. I used this not only on my legs but also my arms and midriff too. Those areas of my body are smoother and tighter than they were when I was 16! My cellulite is fading from those problem areas and it’s also doing wonders for my ugly stretchmarks.
    The cream is thick and glides on smoothly, absorbing quickly and easily. It has a good smell and you instantly feel a difference after use. This leaves your skin soft and supple and the feeling lasts! I am extremely pleased with DermalMD Cream, it leaves your skin touch ably soft!

  • Pypcik

    Thank you Michael, I just finished both of your books and loved it, tons of great information. I will try both supplements as I have tried just about everything and ironically the better shape I get in, I exercise semi-pro 14+ hours a week, with a lot of heavy weightlifting and squatting, the worse it gets in my legs, I do have a very nicely defined upper body with 8 pack abs and virtually no fat, I really cant’ figure this one out.

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

      That’s interesting. Hm. Can you post some pictures?

  • Kim Hawthorn

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the above article – what dosage would you recommend for the Horse Chestnut and Gotu Kola capsules – how many per day and what time? Also would you advise taking both supplements or just one?

    • The ranges found in studies are ~500 to 600 mg of HC per day and ~100 mg of gotu.

  • Bb

    I was very over weight throughout my youth, and lost the weight in early adulthood. I then had TERRIBLE skin issues in my inner thighs (which I thought was cellulite or maybe loose skin I could never get rid of). I haven’t worn shorts in public in a very long time because of it. Lately I have been really dedicated to building muscle, focusing on my legs particularly. The improvement on my inner thighs has been so dramatic, I really am just amazed! Squatting/lunging/donkey kicks/fire hydrants regularly has been the BEST thing ever I am SO SO happy.

    • Wow. Thanks for sharing! Way to take control and get results! Great job! That’s really cool. 🙂

      Keep up the good work and keep me posted!

    • Cedrik Stevens

      great buddy!

  • Sandra Trotter

    Hey there! Wanted to share with all of you this amazing method to get
    rid of cellulite. I tried it and I’m really happy with the results 😀

    In the video below you’ll learn about it!

  • L

    Ugh, I so wish you could be my personal trainer. But I live all the way in Sweden, so that’s never going to happen. You are also very good looking lol.
    Anyway, I’m 20 and in my early teenage years I battled with an eating disorder, which I’m free from now. But since I starved myself and didn’t do that much exercise I ended up with lots of cellulite on my legs and butt, and I obviously had some muscle loss. Though I like my body now, size wise, I absolutely hate the scars that are left (the cellulite). I can’t even use shorts during the summer because it looks bad. I’ve been taking the stuff in this article for consideration and I’ve tried to follow the advice, for like 2 weeks now. I have not been doing anything strictly, but I’ve been doing squats every day, I also eat better. I haven’t seen that much change though.. So my question to you is, how long time does it take before you see any changes? And do you have any more exercises that you can do besides from squats? I also swim three times a week, is that a good exercise for cellulite reduction? 🙂 Thanks for the awesome article.

    • Cedrik Stevens

      hanks for the article, it’s a very good read :). Also you have to avoid some ingredients that may worsen cellulites such as Aspartame and MSG. Also, look for words like “stabilizers” in any food ingredients. check this very good article here http://www.getridofcellulite1.ml Good Luck!

    • Haha thanks. 😉

      Great on what you’re doing and you should definitely see an improvement as you continue to gain more muscle in your legs.

      How long have you been doing your leg workouts for?

      • L

        I do have seen and felt some improvement. And I’ve been doing them for about 3 weeks now. But will I keep seeing a change even though I do the same thing as I did when I started?
        And is there a way that can fasten up the process? So I can see improvements quicker? 🙂

        • Awesome! Great to hear you’re seeing results in just 3 weeks. Let’s continue the heavy weightlifting. If you aren’t already, the supps I mentioned in this article will help accelerate the process too.

          Other than that, there isn’t much else to do.

          Hope this helps! Talk soon.

  • Milena Petric

    One of the best way to get rid of cellulite try to use DermalMD Cellulite Cream I’ve had also problem with cellulite for years. I’ve tried, DermalMD Cellulite Cream with successful results.The dimples on my thighs,legs and stomach have deffinitely improved. The ingredients in this formula are definitely working! It is slowly but surely firming, smoothing, and tightening up in those areas on my body.

  • sm

    Hi Michael. I understand this is an old article and possibly no longer an active thread, however I enjoyed the read and am interested in some advice.

    I am a female, aged 27. I weigh just over 50kg and am just on 11% body fat. I eat a vegetarian diet rich in green and orange vegetables and am quite muscular, however the tops of my thighs have noticeable cellulite. If I wear shorts it is very noticeable. My upper legs are the only place I have cellulite. I exercise 3-4 times a week and do squats twice a week but I cannot seem to get rid of it.

    Is there a particular leg exercise that helps? I consume a fair amount of raw sugar in coffee and processed sugar in chocolate. I love shitty food and probably have something fried once a week. Chocolate is about 3 times a week.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Kelly

    Hello! What would be some good exercises (not squats or lunges) to reduce the appearance of cellulite for a person with bad knees? I cannot do lunges or squats without hurting my knees in the process. Thanks!

    • Hey Kelly! Hmm. What leg exercises are you able to do without causing pain or discomfort?

      My pleasure! Talk soon.

  • Caroline Hernandez

    A really good cellulite cream is a defining gel by itworks. I am an itworks distributor and I have seen my clients have great results! You can email me for pics before &after and to use my wholesale discount [email protected]

    Healthnutcaroline.com -defining gel… if you google this you will see what everyone is bragging about!!

  • Annalize Roos

    Hi Micheal, I am a 38 year old woman and I have been training seriously for 5 years now and gained a lot of muscle. Yet I have this flabby ass! Lowest I got my bf was 12.6% But my ass is still flabby! It makes me want to cry…I do a lot of squats, lunges, hip thrusts as heavy as I possibly can..What more can I do to drop this bloody fat?!

  • clems

    The amount of people seeking solution to skin/cellulite related issue is staggering. I found all the information contained here vital, my wife has been struggling with cellulite for quite sometime, and all effect to eradicate it has proven futile.
    I might just have to encourage her to try the suggestions you mentioned here.

    • Yep, a LOT of people are looking for solutions for cellulite.

      She should! LMK how it goes.

  • Mearced C

    I’m super lean on top
    and lots of muscle (continuing to increase weights and build) but still
    struggling with thick thighs with cellulite. I had my body fat measured by a device you step on and
    then you hold onto some hand held metal pieces. The body fat
    measurements said I was 10% and according to their charts for a female, I
    needed to gain weight! Thanks for the info on the inaccuracy of those
    devices in your other article. I’m probably closer to 20% body fat
    would be my guess. Been
    hitting the exercises you suggested for legs and have read so many of
    your articles and your book but still not seeing much difference – (1″ decrease
    in thigh – happy dance) but the cellulite is still there. I am getting super cut up in my upper body – great if I was a guy! But the legs! Been weight training with your system for 4 months. Any other suggestions or do I need to just suck it up and determine that I’m not to have trim legs? The only time my legs were trim and free of cellulite was when I was anorexic and looked like a skeleton on top half. NOT going there for sure. BTW – love all your articles and info! A big thank you to you!

    • Hey hey!

      Their measurement was definitely off if you look to be more around 20%.

      It sounds like you’re going in the right direction and just need to keep at it. Check this out too:


      • Mearced C

        Thanks for article. Doing fasted workouts (heavy weights & HIIT) & calorie deficit but sounds like I need to increase deficit. Will also look at your supplements. I already take some prior to workout but I will do the comparison based on your info. Again thanks for taking the time to reply.

        • My pleasure! If you’re not losing 1-2 lbs a week, yep, you need to increase the deficit by lowering intake or increasing activity level. Check this out:


          Supps can definitely help accelerate results, but they aren’t required to reach your goals.

          Happy to help! Talk soon.

  • Destinee Moore

    DermalMD Cellulite Cream is amazing!! It has done wonders for my skin. Not only has it reduced cellulite and helped firm my skin, it has also reduced the appearance of scars that I have from surgery. My stretch marks are less noticeable as well. I have been using this product once a day so it doesn’t take much to have great results.

  • AR

    Hi michael. my age is 25 and weight is 52 as my height is 5.4″ my problem is cellulite all over my butt buttocks and thighs. And the all over fat in my leg is so pathetic no toned up legs. Very jiggly legs whenever I seated down my legs become more spreadful because of very lose fat 🙁 Please help me!!! How can I get the perfect legs with perfect booty withno cellulite. 🙂

    • Hey hey! Thanks for all the info.

      Have you started applying the points from this article?

      For building the legs and butt, check this out:


      Hope this helps! Talk soon!

      • AR

        Hey! Thankyou for your article hope it will be helpful to me… Will start it from tomorrow and I will be there with new queries soon. 😉

        • My pleasure! Sounds good. I’ll be here. 🙂

          • AR

            hey mike, could you please give me your mail i.d. totally in depression. you the light of hope. 🙂

          • Sure! mike at muscle for life dot com

  • Anna

    Thanks for this article. I’ve had cellulite since I was a skinny teen, but now at 54 it’s much more noticeable. In the past year I have started eating healthier (fewer carbs, less fat and sugar, more green vegetables) and walking 10-15 miles a day. I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel better but now the cellulite looks even worse than before. I’m 5’5″, 140#. So very frustrating. I also do squats and various dynamic tension exercises. Looks like I will try adding some weights and supplements as you suggest. Thanks again for the info and doing so in a tactful way.

    • YW! With heavy weights and following the guide, you should see improvements over time.

  • Anna

    10-15 miles per WEEK not day.

  • Urša

    Hi Mike!
    I am 22, 5’9 and currently around 136lbs. I have had cellulite and fat since I was 13 all over my quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. I guess I am a pear shaped ectomorph. I’ve had problems with disordered eating (40lbs less) but I managed to fix that. I am a personal trainer so I know and I have read a million and one thing about everything (great books by the way, I own Thinner Leaner Stronger and The shredded chef), I am lifting heavy (for 3 years now- since I had to gain weight) and eating right, but if I drop my calories I start losing weight really fast (even with higher amounts of protein). I am weight training 5x a week and I do HIIT cardio 3x a week. I am losing all the fat in my upper body (I look bony and skinny) but my legs stay the same. It seems like I can’t even build more muscle mass, because on caloric deficit I lose leg muscles and on surplus I gain more cellulite and fat. I am more successful with my clients than myself.
    If you could recommend me something I could do or anything else I can try I would be really thankful :).

    • I am this exact thing also I wish Mike would reply so I could know too! 🙂

    • That’s great you’ve done so much research and have two of my books! Solid training history as well. When cutting, you shouldn’t be losing muscle mass if you’re eating enough protein and calories. Double check your macros to be sure:
      1.2g protein per lbs body weight
      If your strength is maintaining (or even improving) while on a cut, then you aren’t losing lean mass but fat. Since you’re storing most of your stubborn fat in your legs, looking thinner up top is normal and part of the process. It’ll only be temporary! And the final result will be well worth it.

      Let me know how it goes.

      • Urša

        Thank you for the answer. I am currently in prep for bikini competition (5 weeks out). As my trainer recommended I’m not doing any cardio at all and I am carb cycling. Protein and fat intakes are high enough, I’m not eating and aditives, aditional supplements, ecc. (just fish oil, vitamins and minerals). I will tell you how it will turn out. I hope I will be able to remove my cellulite and tone down untill my competition.

        I will keep you posted and other girls, that are interested in this topic too. 🙂

        Thank you again for the books, answer and motivation!

  • Cellulite affects more than 85 percent of women, representing all shapes and sizes. It is most common in the thighs, but it can also be present on the legs, buttocks or stomach. They should all help balance the connective tissue/fat in the body and address the many possible causes.

  • Bryan

    Hello Mike,
    I have been searching for a solution for my MALE cellulite for 5 years. I am 25, %12 body fat, 5ft11 and around 165 lbs. When I was 19, I started bodybuilding. I was 134 lbs back then. I was a skinny kid. I gained good amount of mass throughout the time. I don’t have a problem with that. When I was 21 years old, my doctor prescribed me Paxil for my depression. I used that for about 6 months and gained only 6 lbs and I didnt exercise at that time for 6 months. Then I started realizing.. First, I couldn’t believe it. It was like a joke. My butt, thighs were all dimply like cottage cheese. Then my depression got even worse. But I did not continue that medicine and started working out again. But no success.. I even have a few dimples on the sides of my chest when I flex my chest. Although the worst one is my butt. When I flex, oh It’s so dimply like a girl’s ass. When I do not flex it looks kinda smooth usually. I feel like I am cursed. I can show the photos too. Under good light, I look good. But expecially under the dressing room lights… I just run away. If I were a woman, I wouldn’t care but this is ridicilous. I will move to Canada next year. Should I go to the doctor and get my estrogen level checked? This is just so unfair and I am going insane everyday. I will also use retinol cream and buy gotu kola and fish oil. I also do dry brushing every morning. Do those things really help? Or just waste of money? Should I work like a female body builder? Bulking and then cutting to very low levels like %5-6? I don’t think that I have problem with testosterone, because I am sexually very active. I want to work harder and heavier but will I be a weird body builder with girly dimpled skin Mike? For my whole life, will i have to hide my girly cottage cheese looking body in despite of my hardcore workouts? I have asked too many questions but I am so done with this curse.. Thanks a lot..

    • Hey Bryan, have you tried the tips here yet? Start cutting. That’ll help to fix the issue in time. Won’t be a quick fix.

      LMK how it goes!

      • Bryan

        Thanks a lot for your reply man. I have realized the dimples on the sides of my chest are gone after heavy chest workouts. But the worst ones are my legs and glutes so I will work heavy and then cut just like you said and inform you guys. Hoping that this issue that I am dealing with will help women too. I will work so hard like a pro. I have seen some female body builders who have great cellulite free glutes and legs so the key must be it.. At least one of the keys.. I am not a native english speaker so sorry if i say sth wrong. Thanks..

  • Natalie Micale

    Hi Mike! Thanks for this info! My gotu kola supplement came in the mail yesterday, and I noticed the warning label that says “This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” I’m now a little nervous to start taking this. Any thoughts??

    • Glad you liked it!

      That’s due to their controversial Proposition 65, which aims to reduce or eliminate exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer and birth defects.

      Here’s a good article on it:


      In short, you can’t go wrong by avoiding products with the warning but just because one has the warning doesn’t mean it’s necessarily harmful to your health (it can contain so little of a chemical that it will have no adverse effects in the body, but the warning has to be there).

      • Natalie Micale

        Thank you so much! That makes me feel a lot better

  • AnnaPaolaGorozpe

    My cellulite was making me feel terrible about how I looked. I get how it is apart of life, but I was sick of the dimple skin behind my arms. I have always had a little there, but after 2 kids and all the varying weights, it got way worse. Getting dermalmd cellulite cream and it was awesome, and it really showed some promising results. I love dermalmd cream compared to some of the other cellulite hot creams. This one does tingle too bad, it still does but the hot cream can get intense sometimes. This one smells kind of like pretty wonderful sent. I use once a day and rub into my cellulite affected areas for about 3 minutes in a circular motion. Doing this and using only where I needed I made the jar last over a month. After that my cellulite was in way way better shape. Definitely will take another jar maybe two to get completely gone but, this worked so well. I was super satisfied.

  • MariaNovais

    Dermalmd Cellulite is good for get rid of cellulite naturally. this cream help to improved Skin tone on legs, arms and tummy. Maybe even a slimmer look with diminished cellulite. I use this in the shower with a nubby handheld massager I also got on google. Great cellulite oil at a great price. Will always have some on hand. A great moisturizer to use quick when getting out of shower too ! A little goes a long way. Smells great too

  • Claire Louise Spencer

    Hi Mike,

    I don’t really have cellulite, I’m a stage 0, possibly mildly into stage 1, but I don’t particularly want to develop it either! I’m currently bulking at a very slight surplus. Will this cause me to gain cellulite that I then struggle to get rid of?

    Thanks, always love your articles 🙂

  • Davena

    Thank you for the info. How much is the effective dosage of the Horse Chestnut and Gotu Kola?

  • Robin Hubbard

    My cellulite is so bad. I lift heavy and workout 6 sometimes 7 times a week. I do more hiit. However my cellulite has gotten worse. I drink tons of water. I eat tons of veggies and fruit. I saw that new tool that bruises your legs pretty bad. I wont wear a swim suit or shorts and belive me it gets HOT in texas 🙁

  • Leah

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on collagen peptide supplements?

  • Leah

    Hi Mike,
    I’m a fan of all your articles but just a comment – you can’t say how common cellulite is and then only show pictures of beautiful cellulite-less (photoshopped?) legs, this just increases self-consciousness issues and is not very productive…I like your point that being strong healthy and fit is more important and there are enough amazing fit strong women with amazing bodies that have cellulite, too…so these images do not help…
    Thanks, Leah

    • Hey Leah, I’m glad you like the articles, and I’m sorry that’s how the pictures made you feel. I’ll keep that in mind for the future.


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