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MFL Podcast 80: The no-BS truth about building a profitable business

MFL Podcast 80: The no-BS truth about building a profitable business

In this podcast, I’m joined by my business partner Jeremy and we have an in-depth discussion about the key lessons we’ve learned so far in building our businesses.



1:41 – Be willing to try and fail.

3:06 – Stop chasing tips and tricks.

11:29 – Simplify your life.

20:00 – Read books obsessively.

39:44 – Don’t get complacent.

42:45 – Become a good marketer.

53:31 – Build character.

59:39 – Be someone worth following.

1:09:33 – Make good stuff.

1:11:56 – Points of leadership.


5:25 – Be willing to try and fail.

6:35 – Stop chasing tips and tricks.

15:00 – Simplify your life.

23:31 – Read books obsessively.

46:15 – Don’t get complacent.

42:45 – Become a good marketer.

57:04 – Build character.

1:03:08 – Be someone worth following.

1:13:02 – Make good stuff.

1:15:28 – Points of leadership.



Good to Great

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

The War of Art

The One Thing

Scientific Advertising


Setting the Table


Delivering Happiness

Elon Musk

The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Mentor

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Reinventing Yourself

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  • Awesome tips guys, and very motivating.

  • Wendell Matthews II

    So I’m on the treadmill listening to you all speak and I’m thinking damn, this is long, but as I continue to listen to you I begin to ask myself why are these guys giving away these tips without any fee!?

    As a young entrepreneur who desires to take on this bull of the health and fitness industry with no training or certifications, just passion to help others and spread good news about health and fitness, I thank you both.

    I know I will get to your level and provide these same nuggets to the next young passionate entrepreneur.

    • Haha thanks Wendell. I appreciate the support.

      I would personally never charge for content like this, but maybe Jeremy and I will write a book together at some point. 🙂

  • Scott Sanders

    MP3 download link available?

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, Scott

  • romankol

    Great Podcast, really enjoyed it. Jeremy did well too so he should be allowed back once in a while, haha. Dealt with Legion customer service a couple of times and it did wow me each time, so kudos on doing what you preach. At the end of the podcast you mentioned spending a lot of money on “web def”. Can’t figure out what this is? I own a small online retail company so this podcast was very imformative for me. Thank you, Roman.

    • Thanks! Haha yeah we’ve talked about co-hosting some episodes for fun.

      Really glad to hear that. I’ll let the boys know. 🙂

      Web dev = web development. Coding and such.

  • JasonS

    Hi Mike and Jeremy, great podcast.
    Can i ask a quick few questions….

    Ive checked out Neil Patel, Neil Kern and Digital Marketer.
    All 3 offer some various of subscription service.
    You also say you actually speak to Neil Patel.

    Which of Neils services do you use?
    Are you a member of Digital Marketer or do you just read their blog posts?
    Are you a member or did you sign up for a course at Neil Kerns site?
    Which of these would you recommend starting with?


    • Thanks Jason!

      We use Kissmetrics but otherwise nothing else of Neil’s other than reading his blogs and such.

      Yes we are a member of DM.

      Jeremy hasn’t done any of Kern’s courses but we are working with him on an email marketing platform that we will be rolling out soon on both Legion (first) and then MFL.

      • JasonS

        Great, I appreciate you taking the time to reply because i know you are busy!

  • Great podcast gentlemen. Honest and straightforward. I really enjoyed the insight.

    I bought a good amount of these books after hearing this haha. Just about to finished Delivering Happiness. Great read.

    Thanks dudes,


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