MFL Podcast 80: The no-BS truth about building a profitable business


In this podcast, I’m joined by my business partner Jeremy and we have an in-depth discussion about the key lessons we’ve learned so far in building our businesses.



1:41 – Be willing to try and fail.

3:06 – Stop chasing tips and tricks.

11:29 – Simplify your life.

20:00 – Read books obsessively.

39:44 – Don’t get complacent.

42:45 – Become a good marketer.

53:31 – Build character.

59:39 – Be someone worth following.

1:09:33 – Make good stuff.

1:11:56 – Points of leadership.


5:25 – Be willing to try and fail.

6:35 – Stop chasing tips and tricks.

15:00 – Simplify your life.

23:31 – Read books obsessively.

46:15 – Don’t get complacent.

42:45 – Become a good marketer.

57:04 – Build character.

1:03:08 – Be someone worth following.

1:13:02 – Make good stuff.

1:15:28 – Points of leadership.



Good to Great

22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

The War of Art

The One Thing

Scientific Advertising


Setting the Table


Delivering Happiness

Elon Musk

The Ultimate Guide To Finding A Mentor

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Reinventing Yourself

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