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Recipe of the Week: Egg White Bites

Recipe of the Week: Egg White Bites

Do you like tasty, portable high-protein snacks? Then you’ll love this Egg White Bite recipe from my cookbook, The Shredded Chef!

They make great on-the-go food, and I like to top them with a little bit of salsa. Hope you enjoy!



Calories Per Serving


Protein Per Serving

7 grams

Carbohydrates Per Serving

3 grams

Fat Per Serving

1 gram



10 egg whites

1 whole egg

1 tomato, seeded and finely chopped

1 medium onion, finely chopped

1 teaspoon dried basil

salt and ground black pepper, to taste

  egg white bites prep


Beat the egg and egg whites in a medium bowl.

Divide mixture among a 6-cup muffin pan. Top each cup with tomatoes, onions and basil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Bake at 350°F for about 8 minutes.

What You Get to Eat

egg white bites

What did you think of this week’s recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • António Alves

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve created two similar diet plans(for variety), that have the same target macros and calories (cutting).
    One of them is 25 calories above my target calories, 6 g more protein, 3 less carbs and spot on fats.
    The other one is 4.6 calories less, 9 g protein above, ok carbs and 7 fats missing. Are these ok and can I implement them?

    BTW, is it ok for me to take 1 pill of omega 3s/fish oil /flax seed oil a day for general health?

    Thanks a lot Mike!

    • António Alves

      Also, should I go for maintenance calories in my off-days when cutting, especially if there are weeks when I have to run a 3-day or 4-day split?

      • Michael Matthews

        No, just keep your cals at cutting level.

    • Michael Matthews

      Nice, yes, that’s totally fine. 1 pill per day won’t give you enough omega-3s to do anything, really. Shoot for 2-3 grams per day of omega-3s as a bare minimum. Don’t go higher than 7 grams tho.

  • Mary Tavernetti Trost

    Mine always stick to the pan. Even with spray. What do you use to keep them from sticking ?

    • elkie chiu

      I find if you use a silicone muffin tray and spray with oil lightly they dont stick at all

      • Michael Matthews

        This works, but a metal pan worked just fine for me as well. The pictures were of the recipe actually being made. 🙂

  • sharon spain

    Sounds good, will try them with some peppers added..:-)

    • Michael Matthews

      Nice! I hope you enjoy!

  • Mark Jackson

    why cut out all the yolks, i know the cholestrol is high but the yolk is also very high in omega 3 & 6 is it not?

    • António Alves

      I’ve had the same question before, and I believe the answer I found was that this is pretty much in order to create a low-fat meal. I believe it was in Mark Sisson’s website ,marksdailyapple.com, ( a great website, Mike has recommended it before himself), and he said that the cholesterol in egg yolks is not harmful and is not the same as “blood cholesterol”. Studies show that intake of egg yolks does not increase blood cholesterol.
      Anyways, Mike will certainly weigh in on this, hope it helped though.

      • Michael Matthews

        Exactly–it’s just to reduce calories. The cholesterol in eggs has been proven to not adversely affect us.

  • Jeremy Kenitz

    Tried it out today. Made doubled the recipe so I’ll have them all week for snacks. Turned out pretty well! Thanks for sharing and I’ll continue to look out for your articles and recipes!

    • Michael Matthews

      Awesome, glad to hear it! Enjoy!

  • Mike

    Gonna give them a shot later..having options for on the go protein is critical..and these will be much more satiating and enjoyable than a bar or shake.

    • Mike

      For convienience sake, will use the carton whites equal to the needed amount.

      • Michael Matthews

        Yeah, that’s what I do.

    • Michael Matthews

      Lemme know how you like them! And yeah, I like to stick to whole foods as much as possible as well.

      • Mike

        They came out great..and so easy..no standing over the stove making eggs now..I think I’m hooked..also..quick way is using fresh cut salsa..even quicker time to make..no cutting..just put together and bake

        • Michael Matthews

          Awesome! Yup I do the same all the time. I love baking and broiling. 🙂

  • Looks good! How long will they keep?

    • Michael Matthews

      A few days in the fridge.

  • Mary Tavernetti Trost

    I love these but I have to really spray my pans or they stick. I totally use salsa on mine. Yummy.

    • Michael Matthews

      Ah it might just be a pan issue, but I’m glad you figured it out!

  • CodyP

    If you made six servings from 11 eggs, wouldn’t that yield closer to 11-12 grams of protein per serving assuming the egg whites have 6-7 grams of protein each (the eggs I use have 7 each)?

    • Michael Matthews

      Egg whites have about 4 grams protein each.

      • CodyP

        Good job….you uh…passed the test. If anybody needs me, I’ll be the asshole in the corner pounding my head against the wall.

        • Michael Matthews


  • Uri Kleiman

    Hi Mike,
    What do you think about eating some of those bites as a protein portion before going to sleep? Maybe without the yolk?

    You mentioned that it’s better not to eat carbs before going to sleep as that prevents fat loss – are those onionstomatoesbasil will really cause an insulin raise that will interfere with the fat loss process?

    • Michael Matthews

      Sure! Egg protein is slow digestion.

      Yeah, eating a large amount of carbs before bed may interfere with weight loss because your largest GH spike occurs in the first wave of REM sleep, but elevated insulin levels blunts GH release.

      No, a normal portion of veggies won’t cause issues.

  • coralharold

    If I’m in the process of gainning weight, can I use all full eggs? Does it make a difference?

  • Mary Tavernetti Trost

    These are yummy. Your definitely look better than mine 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Ah well that was done all perfectly for a photo shoot of course, haha.

  • Jim Anderson

    Nice recipe,but what do I do with the 10 egg yolks left over.

    • Michael Matthews

      Make semolina pasta! 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      I actually like to buy packaged (liquid) egg yolks for these types of things.

      • ezra

        i think you mean egg whites not yolks, but yeah that is the way to go for such recipes.

        • Michael Matthews

          Oops. Yeah. Haha.

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  • John Mungo

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    people who also sense healthy and in good physical shape and are
    looking to get in wonderful condition, the egg products would be the
    perfect way develop enormous muscles and to get our polypeptide all
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