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Cool Stuff of the Week: Snolo Snow Sled, AeroGarden, Tovolo Ice Molds, and More…

Cool Stuff of the Week: Snolo Snow Sled, AeroGarden, Tovolo Ice Molds, and More…

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a sucker for cool stuff. I like nifty gadgets, quirky decoration pieces, nice clothes (and shoes!), good books, and fun games.

In this series of weekly posts, I share whatever currently has my fancy. Maybe some of it will catch yours as well!



It’s amazing to see how well some people can bond with animals we would normally think of as vicious killers.



I live in Florida so I wouldn’t get to enjoy this bad boy even if I wanted to, but damn, this is pretty cool:

The entire shell of the Snolo Sled is carbon fiber, and thanks to the two skis in the back and one in the front, it can fly down hills, reaching speeds of 40 mph or even faster while still being maneuverable. It also features contoured, padded seating to keep you comfortable.



The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden is the first consumer product to make indoor gardening actually feasible. And indoor gardening is awesome.

  • It utilizes NASA-proven, dirt free growing technology scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10X faster than plants grown in soil.
  • There is no dirt, no mess, and no “green thumb” required.
  • Thanks to the energy efficient grow lights, you can grow any plant all year round. Yup, herbs, produce, flowers, and even plants that will need to be transplanted as they increase in size can begin in the AeroGarden.

Most people like to use it to grow fresh herbs and produce for cooking, which it’s perfect for.




If you want to fully enjoy that meticulously-aged scotch without traditional ice cubes diluting it down, then you want a sphere ice mold.

This shape minimizes the surface area and therefore the water that makes its way into your drink.





Each time you shave, skin cells, water, and keratin are left on the blades, which eventually causes them to feel much duller than they actually are. We throw them away, but under the gunk, they’re still sharp enough to be used.

The RazorPit can fix that. It uses a patented friction technology to clean off the residue, leaving you with a clean and sharp razor blade.

The big bonus here is SAVINGS–this thing can extend the life of each of your razor blades by MONTHS.






With millions of copies sold, The Richest Man in Babylon is one of the classic books on how to properly manage your finances.

In 150 short pages, it uses parables to teach you a handful of vital financial principles for creating and preserving wealth. Things like…

  • How much of your income you should be saving and investing.
  • Why controlling expenditures is so vital.
  • What types of investments you want to seek out.
  • What you need to do to build income.
  • And more.

All in all it’s a concise, insightful book, and one I think everyone should read.


What do you think of this week’s picks? Have anything you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Kevin

    That lion whisperer is really something else. I’ll pray for him.

    What do you think of “Fat Gripz”? My forearms could use some more development, even with dead lifts in my program, and this product claims to make arms bigger. Have you personally tried these and/or noticed any improvements, or any input on these for that matter. Thanks.

    • Michael Matthews

      I know, crazy right!

      I like FG but not with pulls because it limits weight too much. I like using them for presses sometimes. They have helped with my grip but not making my arms bigger.

  • adrx14

    Hey Mike, I read Richest Man in Babylon on a short plane ride and liked it. Thanks for the rec. I see how this had wide-based popular appeal. But, is it just me or does it seem redundant? I wish he had expanded on the topic of investment or, as he puts it, making your money yield children. Obviously, Wall Street stocks are not a good option for people who start with small capital to invest (which is the book’s target audience). So I assume the author was speaking to main street investment, or local business. Anyways, do you have any great suggestions for reference material on the matter, be it books, blogs, etc? Thx–looking fwd to more stimulating discussion

    • Michael Matthews

      That’s great. Glad you liked it.

      Yeah it does really drive home its points with repetition but that’s not always a bad thing, I think.

      Honestly investing is an area that I’m not too well versed in as currently all my “investment capital” is simply going back into my businesses, but I will be diving into it over the next year or so. I will report my findings along the way. 🙂

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