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Cool Stuff of the Week: Vesario Extreme Racing Simulator, Normal Earphones, Console Wars, and More…


I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a sucker for cool stuff. I like nifty gadgets, quirky decoration pieces, nice clothes (and shoes!), good books, and fun games.

In this series of weekly posts, I share whatever currently has my fancy. Maybe some of it will catch yours as well!

(Oh and in case you’re wondering, while I do participate in Amazon’s affiliate program, I’m not paid to promote anything–I just do it for fun.)




With a cast that includes Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver, and Ben Kingsley…and with a script from the Oscar-winning screenwriter that worked on Schindler’s List, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and American Gangster…and with it all being all led by Ridley Scott…who cares what the movie is even about. It’s going to be awesome.

Well, Exodus: Gods and Kings is a re-imagining of Moses’ freeing of the Israelite slaves of Egypt and it looks like it’s going to live up to the pedigree of the people behind it…




As you can see, the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme racing simulator is about as close to the F1 experience that you can get without strapping into an actual car.

Everything is just top-shelf on this $80,000 gaming rig:

  • The viewing screen is comprised of three 55-inch OLED displays that curve around you to deliver an immersive experience
  • Hyper-realistic visuals and audio for extreme realism
  • True-to-life racing setup with the same type of seat, wheel, shifter, and pedals you’d find in a car
  • Quad-motion DBOX technology

Check this baby out in action:




No two ears are alike–our ears are as unique as our fingerprints–and this is why earphones can fit your buddy just fine but never quite feel right in your ears. A one-size-and-shape-fits-all approach is just hit and miss.

Well, Normal Earphones wants to change that. With their app, you can photograph your ears and they will then 3D print a pair of earphones specifically for your ears, guaranteeing a perfect fit that not only delivers maximum comfort but maximum sound quality as well (as the in-ear seal determines a lot when it comes to overall sound).




“Nail clippers? Really?”

If you’re thinking that, I understand…but hear me out! A great nail clipper is cool! 🙂

This little guy lives up to the Swiss Army brand’s reputation and is compact, well-designed (easy to grip and use), sturdy, and sharp. Sure, it costs more than the piece of junk sold at the drugstore, but you get what you pay for…




As all of my work is at the computer, I’m basically always listening to music, and it ranges from film scores to rock to drum ‘n bass. While I’m not a full audiophile yet, I’ve tried quite a few different types of headphones and have come to appreciate the subtleties between some brands and models.

Well, out of everything I’ve tried so far, the AKG Pro Audio K712s are my absolute favorite. They’re meant for mixing and mastering so you get incredibly crisp, precise sound, with an outstanding balance of highs and lows–there isn’t so much bass that it drowns out the treble nor so much treble that you cringe at higher volumes. They’re also extremely comfortable and can be worn for hours without fatiguing your ears.





As someone that grew up in the ’80s and ’90s and loved my Nintendo and Sega video games, I had to check out this book. And it delivered more than I expected.

This book uses hundreds of interviews with former Sega and Nintendo employees to tell the fascinating story of the battle that took place between the “Goliath” of video gaming, Nintendo, and the upstart “David,” Sega, and how brilliant marketing and business leadership took the former from an obscure Japanese arcade game to a global enterprise.

If you grew up saving princesses, performing brutal fatalities, and racing around with Tails in pursuit of Dr. Robotnik, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this book. And even if you never were into video games, there are quite a few business insights and lessons to be learned as well.





For me, Spartacus was like Lost: it started out really strong and then went to shit. But the first two seasons of both were so good that I think they’re still worth recommending.

Spartacus is a loose re-telling of the actual historical figure’s story: a Thracian gladiator that rebels against his masters and eventually wages a full-scale war against Rome. And it’s just fantastically good.

The outstanding cinematography, costume and set design, and gratuitous blood, gore, and sex immediately grab your attention, but the depth of the acting and writing is what really keeps you watching. For me, Lucy Lawless and Andy Whitfield are the stand-out performances, but everyone holds their own.

If you liked HBO’s Rome and 300, you’re going to love Spartacus. I guarantee it.

Oh and in case you’re wondering why I said this show eventually goes to shit, unfortunately Whitfield died of lymphoma after the second season and from that point on, the show just gets worse and worse (his replacement is a skinny-fat weakling that you just can’t get behind, there’s a distinct lack of intensity in the other characters, and the writing degenerates into downright absurdity).


What do you think of this week’s picks? Have anything you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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