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What do you think is the SINGLE factor that sets extraordinary people apart from everyone else?

Being obsessed? Being “present”? Setting big goals? Admitting mistakes? Inspiring others?

I don’t think it’s any of those things. It’s far more primal than that.


Here it is…

Why do we pour so much time, energy, and effort into training?

Why is it so important to us? Some say it’s narcissism, or insecurity, or even a kind of self-loathing.

They’re all missing the point. This is the real reason we train.

It has really dawned on me how much you have to grow as a person to prevent success from ruining your life.

Yes, success can ruin your life, and in this article, I explain why, and what I’m doing to avoid it myself…

I’ve asked a lot of successful people how they did it.

The middling ones regaled me with stories about their brilliant strategic moves, uncanny intuitions, and superhuman endurance.

The great ones had a much simpler and deeper explanation.

It wasn’t just “hard work” or “getting lucky,” either.

Instead, they said there was one primary factor that made all the difference in their journeys…

The next time someone tells you it’s “okay to fail,” you should tell them to shut the hell up. Failure is to be avoided at all costs. Here’s why.

Increasing your willpower doesn’t require soul searching. In fact, it’s much simpler and easier than you probably think…

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