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If you’re confused by the many forms of creatine available and want to know which works and which doesn’t…and which is best…then you want to read this article.

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Most women are looking for a healthy protein powder and there are many options. Which type is best? Whey? Casein? Soy? Egg? Rice? Hemp? Pea? Find out here.

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Regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (and particularly carbonated soft drinks), can lead to weight gain and increase your risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

The common solution for sweetening foods and beverages is to use artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame (Nutrasweet, and now AminoSweet).

While these substances may not be as harmful as some say, studies have shown that they indeed may cause harmful effects in the body. Until further research is done, I think it’s smartest to avoid them.

So what can we use as a safe, low-calorie sweetener?

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With so many options out there, which is the best protein powder for building muscle?

In order to get an answer to that question, let’s first take a look at protein itself.

There are two main sources of protein out there: whole food protein and supplement protein.

Whole food protein is, as you guessed, protein that comes from natural food sources, such as beef, chicken, fish, etc. The best forms of whole food protein are chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish, eggs, and milk.

Protein supplements are powdered or liquid foods that contain protein from various sources, such as whey (a liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained in the process of making cheese), egg, and soy (the three most common sources of supplement protein). You don’t NEED protein supplements to gain muscle, but it’s very impractical to try to get all protein from whole foods considering the fact that you will be eating protein 6-7 times per day.

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