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MFL Podcast #6: Best rep ranges for muscle growth, boosting testosterone naturally, and more…

MFL Podcast #6: Best rep ranges for muscle growth, boosting testosterone naturally, and more…

In this podcast I talk about rep ranges and how they correlate to muscle growth and strength, why testosterone levels aren’t as important as some point think and how to boost them naturally, lessons from success from the Kardashians (har har har), and more…

Articles & supplements I reference in the video:

LEGION Supplements

The Definitive Guide to Muscle Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth)

6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Production

The Kardashian School of Getting Rich

Cardio and Muscle Growth: Friends or Foes?

The Definitive Guide to Post-Workout Nutrition

The Definitive Guide to Vitamins and Minerals

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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • Saimon Holtz

    Great Podcast Mike! I’m always learning something new. I’ve got your book (Bigger, Leaner, Stronger) for about 10 months now and it has been helping me alot in my workouts and nutrition! Lately I’ve enjoyed the last part of your podcasts, when you talk about things not fitness-related. I’ve been struggling the last couple of months with my carrer and all those messages, insights, attitudes from various places and people really helped me not to give up. Not only I’ve used this in all my workout, but in my life in general. So, please, keep it up with this amazing work that you’ve been doing!!! Can’t wait for your next podcast and the new book! ºººo/ººº

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Saimon! I really appreciate it.

      Keep up the good work and keep me posted brother!

  • nathan

    great video. I like your part about being honest. Thats why I like you, your honest.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks man. 🙂

  • nathan

    Thats why I bought all your books and take your Legion supplements. Cant wait for the new book!

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks brother, you rock!

  • Denis Rosa

    I think the sound is a litlle low in the mp3 version of this episode, I can barely hear it in the traffic. However, the content was very nice! but it seems that you told what has been already told in the whole site. As a hardcore reader of muscleforlife, almost all that I found in the podcast I already have read here. Maybe could be a good idea to create exclusive content for the podcast/videocast.

    • Michael Matthews

      Sorry about that Denis I’m not sure what happened. I’ll check the mic levels next time.

      I’m glad you liked it! Yeah I will be doing the podcasts biweekly so I can mix up the content and such.

  • Greg Waters

    Hey Mike,

    Really enjoyed the podcast look forward to hearing more. I have a health podcasts that I listen to and they claimed almost all synthetic vitamins are
    made by the same company Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd so it doesn’t
    matter what brand you buy they are all made out of synthetic chemical
    powders from China just using the ratio specified by the “vitamin”
    company and put in a bottle with their private label on it. Glad you are
    recommending a vitamin from an all natural source. What is your take on
    tocopheral oils? The health show I listen to says tocopheral oils are
    not good for you.

    To quote the health show “Vitamins are a biological system not a chemical”

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Greg! I really appreciate it.

      Yeah I’ve heard a lot of wild claims against synthetics but when I look at the research and speak to doctors I actually respect, they tell a different story.

      Some synthetics have been proven to be 100% safe and effective, but some should be avoided (certain forms of E and A mainly). I’ll be talking more about this soon actually as I will be producing a multivitamin.

  • Mike

    Thanks Mike..enjoy taking the podcasts with me to the gym..great information…I have an alter ego that I turn on before I go in the gym..been watching a lot of Spartacus lately..good motivation and show…great to be part of the Legion

    • Michael Matthews

      Hahah nice, thanks man!

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