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MFL Podcast #5: Best protein powder, signs of overtraining, laws for happy living, and more…

MFL Podcast #5: Best protein powder, signs of overtraining, laws for happy living, and more…

In this podcast I talk about which protein powders are best for building muscle, how much protein you can absorb in one meal (it’s more than you might think), how to recognize and prevent overtraining, 8 laws for happy living, and more.

Articles & supplements I reference in the video:


What is the Best Protein Powder for Building Muscle?

The Truth About Protein Absorption: How Often You Should Eat Protein to Build Muscle

8 Signs of Overtraining That Most People Don’t Know

8 Ancient Laws for Creating a Simpler, Happier Life

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I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams.

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  • Marco

    Sunwarrior has two protein powders:

    -Classic Protein (brown rice)
    -Warrior Blend (pea, cranberry, hemp)

    I switch between them.

    • Michael Matthews

      Ah thanks Marco. 🙂

  • Mike

    Really enjoy these Mike, thanks! Btw, love the recharge product..tastes like a pixie stick to me. Looking forward to reading the new articles too. I was wondering about Pimsleur..getting back to my Spanish again..my wife is Puerto Rican. Love the comprehensive subject matter. Also, being debt free is the best decision of my life in those terms. I do the same thing with Amex points too.

    • Mike

      Now remember, keep your word on the podcast per week..lol:-)

      • Michael Matthews

        Yessir! Recording the next today. 🙂

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Mike! Really glad to hear it. Haha yeah Recharge is yummy right? The next batch is going to be even better.

      Nice on the debt-free living and Amex points. Fun stuff. 🙂

      Could I ask a small favor? Would you mind writing a short blurb on the products on my website, and copy and pasting those blurbs as Amazon reviews?

      I know it’s an annoying favor to ask, but I’d REALLY appreciate it because it seriously helps with word of mouth, as you can imagine.

      If you’re cool with that, here are the product pages:



      • Mike

        Sure thing Mike..I will put it on Amazon now..I tried to put a comment on your Legion page too though it did not seem to take. Maybe you have to approve the comment first? Thanks!

        • Mike

          Done, review is on Amazon.

          • Michael Matthews

            Thanks man you rock.

        • Michael Matthews

          Thanks! Really? The FB commenting thing?

          • Mike

            Ya man..it didn’t work that I could tell on FB. It did work on Amazon though..maybe its because I did it from my business page on FB. I don’t have a personal one. Why can’t you leave a comment without being on facebook? The personal page was a time drain for me, so I shut it down years ago.

          • Michael Matthews

            Oh okay I think it requires a personal page for the FB commenting. Weird. 🙁

  • Nate

    Loved the podcast. You should definitely talk about the other things that you write articles about that are not health and fitness related.

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Nate! Will do!

  • Richard

    BTW, your podcast feed is broken. https://www.muscleforlife.com /podcast/feed.xml is returning invalid XML on line 5.

    • Michael Matthews

      Weird it seems to be working now?

  • Murilo

    Great podcast as usual Mike! It was very interesting and I was very happy to hear you talking about your Amex card… I’m a marketing manager at Amex and I am always telling people that if you are smart, credit cards are not the enemy haha… I hope you will have Legion available in the UK soon =)

    • Michael Matthews

      Thanks Murilo! Haha yeah credit cards were once my enemy but once I stopped being an idiot with money I came to love my Amex points/cashback dollars. 🙂

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