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You Don’t Need Superhuman Genetics or Steroids to Shatter Plateaus  & Achieve Your Body’s True Potential for Muscle Growth and Strength...While Also Maintaining
Sub-10% Body Fat
  Year Round

If you want to build as much muscle as
naturally possible
...be able to bench
press, squat, and deadlift gargantuan
amounts of weight
...and maintain a
ripped, beach-ready physique year round...then you want to read this book

Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews Bestselling author and creator of Muscle For Life

If you’ve been lifting weights for any period of time, you’ve probably wondered...

What does it really take to make the jump from a “good” physique...from being “kinda strong”...from looking “athletic”...to having an outstanding looking, extraordinarily strong, ripped body that just makes people say, “WOW”?

You know, the type of body that makes people wonder if you’re on steroids or just a genetic freak. The type of body that fills you with self-confidence and pride of achievement. The type of body that most of us guys dreamt of having before we ever touched a weight.

Unfortunately, asking that question places you at the entrance of a deep, dark maze chock full of broscience and conflicting advice, and many guys that set in never make it out.

Instead, they end up spinning their wheels in the gym for years and years, never progressing beyond being “kind of muscular”...”kind of lean”...and ”kind of strong.”

After years of this, they almost always come to believe they’re just genetically programmed to be mediocre and would need steroids to take their physiques and performance to the next level. They simply learn to “accept their fate.”

Well, they’re wrong...

No matter your genetics...

No matter your past mistakes and failures...

No matter your current conditioning...

If you have a handful of hours per week you can dedicate to proper training, and if you’re willing to follow a set of simple, flexible dietary rules, you can naturally build an astounding amount of muscle and strength and then maintain it for the rest of your life, never losing sight of your six pack.

Before I dive into how, though, let me introduce myself.

“Oh Look, Another ‘Guru’ Claiming
He Has All the ‘Secrets’ of
Getting Shredded...”

If that’s what you’re thinking, I totally understand.

In fact, your skepticism is good. It will protect you from the thieves, liars, and shysters that run rampant in this industry (and in some cases, run this industry).

But before you grab your pitchfork and come after me, allow me to introduce myself and explain why you should care about what I have to say.

Mike Matthews I'm Mike

and while I could tout the 200,000+ books
I've sold in the last two years or the
1,000,000+ visits my website and blog gets
every month...that's not why you should
listen to me.

You should listen to me because...

I Don’t just talk the talk
I walk the walk

I’ve never used anabolic or
fat loss drugs, and here’s
my “summer look” of about
6% body fat

Summer Look, Mike Matthews
Winter look, Mike Matthews

I “really let myself go”
in the winter and hang out
around 8% body fat

Why am I showing you this though?
To brag? Hardly.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time taking fitness advice from someone that doesn’t look the part. I want to follow people that have done exactly what I want to do, not people that just talk about doing it.

I don’t care how many degrees someone has or how smart they sound...if they haven’t achieved success with their own advice...or if they’re too lazy to do it...I’m skeptical.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t born with outstanding genetics, either. There are plenty of those guys out there.
You know, the ones that looked like little bodybuilders at 16.

Well, I wasn’t ripped my entire life. I was your normal skinny kid that got into
weightlifting to impress girls, and I had no clue what I was doing at first.

Case in point?

Here's me after nearly 2 years
of lifting
, with no extended
breaks due to injury, illness, or otherwise

Mike Matthews after 2 years

Sure, I had made some gains...but the type of gains you'd hope for after 2 years of lifting 5 to 6 days per week? Not so much.

Along the way, I made every mistake your could imagine:

  • I had no clue how to diet correctly (I thought it was all about “clean eating”)
  • I focused on long, high-rep “pump” workouts and sub-par exercises
  • I chronically overtrained everything but legs (which I neglected, of course)
  • I did too much cardio--both too many sessions and for too long each session
  • I changed my workout routines regularly to really “confuse” my muscles
  • I didn’t track my progress correctly
  • And that's only the beginning...

In short, I did what you see most people doing every day, and paid the price in years of wasted time and effort.

Ironically, however, my past struggles have helped me tremendously in showing others how to get fit.

I know exactly what it’s like to be stuck in a rut...to have no clue if I’m training correctly...to boggle over how to eat to get lean...to deal with injuries...to want to give up...and to have just about every other problem most people grapple with.

And now, having overcome these problems myself, I know with 100% certainty what it takes to put them all to rest and finally achieve the type of physique and strength most guys in the gym have always wanted.

I back my work up with scientifically
proven knowledge and principles

Fitness gurus and methodologies are a dime a dozen these days.

Everywhere you look there’s another windbag claiming to have found special “shortcuts” to getting muscular, lean, and strong. All for the low price of $97! Act now before it’s too late!

Trying to figure out who’s lying and who’s not is hard enough, let alone who isn’t lying and actually knows what they’re talking about.

Well, if you peruse my work, you’ll quickly see I’m a bit different...

I Don't Claim to Have Discovered
Anything Revolutionary

In fact, much of what I teach was known decades ago and has since become buried beneath all the bullcrap.

Some of what I teach seems “cutting edge” in terms of debunking long-standing fitness myths and mistakes, but these are hardly my discoveries. I’m just the messenger.

That is, I’m simply spreading the word about good scientific research and showing how the underlying principles can be practically used to build muscle, lose fat, get strong, and improve health.

I Am Very Careful to Keep Everything I Teach Grounded in Sound Scientific Research

Whenever you hear someone make a claim about how to best build muscle, lose fat, get strong, or improve health, your first thought should be, “Is there any scientific research supports that statement?”

I know that might sound overly skeptical and even cynical, it’s necessary if you’re to protect yourself from the staggering amount of bad advice in this industry.

Well, if you read any of my work, you’ll quickly notice that I cite a lot of scientific research in my writings. I don’t do this to try to impress--I do it because...

  • I myself want to make sure I understand things correctly and thus review a lot
    of scientific papers.
  • I don’t want you to just take my word--I want you to understand why and be
    able to review the research for yourself.
  • I want you to maintain a healthy skepticism and expect to see such scientific references.
  • While being able to cite a bunch of science doesn’t necessarily mean someone knows what they’re
    talking about, it’s a good sign. And if someone cites no science in their work, watch out.

    I Strive To Give You the Whole Picture, Not
    Just “My Way” of Getting Fit

    The old “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” cliche comes to mind here.

    That is, I don’t want you to just blindly follow my advice or programs--I want you to gain a holistic understanding of the subjects of building muscle, losing fat, and getting strong. And I want you to enjoy the flexibility this type of understanding gives you.

    Yes, there are certain things that aren’t negotiable: energy balance, macronutrient ratios, progressive overload, and the relationship between training intensity, volume, and frequency, for example.

    But within that framework is a ton of wiggle room for making it fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

    I share with you exact methods that most people do best with, but I want you to be able to intelligently
    modify them to best fit your circumstances.

    I Get Real Results with Real People

    If you’ve ever wondered how some of the transformations you see on the Internet are actually possible, you should know something:

    Those crazy 3-month transformations you see all over the Internet are bullcrap.

    And even if the transformation seems legit, what you're actually seeing is almost always the result of extensive training history that allowed for rapid re-gain of muscle.

    "Muscle memory" is very real and it generally takes about half the time to re-build muscle as it takes to build it from "scratch." Drugs are often involved as well, including both anabolic and fat loss agents.

    Many people are also surprised how powerful the right cocktail of drugs actually is. When used properly (not necessarily safely, mind you, but effectively), steroids and cutting drugs can enable someone to do in 3 months what would normally take a year or longer.

    Now, that isn’t to say that all impressive transformations are frauds. Anyone can dramatically transform their body naturally... but it takes time.

    For instance, research shows that the most natural muscle growth you can hope for in your first year of weightlifting is about 20 to 25 pounds.

    Here’s one of my many reader success stories that illustrates what this looks like:

    Jeremy Before


    Jeremy gained about 20 pounds of muscle in his first year. An impressive change no doubt, but remember... He worked a year for that. Not 3 months.

    1 year
    +20 pounds of muscle
    Jeremy After
    luke Before


    As you can see, Luke dramatically transformed his body in just one year, adding about 20 pounds of muscle and nearly cutting his body fat in half. Pretty amazing, no? Makes me proud! :)

    1 year
    -8% body fat
    +20 pounds of muscle
    luke After

    When it comes to fat loss, you can healthily lose about 1 pound of fat per week.
    Thus, losing 20 pounds of fat usually takes about 4 to 5 months.

    mark Before


    Mark cut his body fat percentage from about 16% to 10% in just four months and dramatically improved his strength in the gym.

    4 months
    -6% body fat
    mark After

    I have scores and scores of such success stories, and I don’t just work with professional bodybuilders or fitness models whose lives revolve around lifting, eating, and sleeping…

    I work with normal, everyday people that are dedicated to getting fit but also have jobs, families, and social lives, and I show them how to find the balance needed to do it all.

    Alright, enough about me.

    If you’ve made it this far, I’m going to assume you’re interested in what this page is really about: the launch of my next book...

    The Advanced Guide
    to Building Muscle,
    Staying Lean,
    and Getting Strong

    Here's what other fitness authors and experts are saying about Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger...

    Rog Law Rog Law Founder of Rog Law Fitness

    Like MC Hammer, Mike Matthews is too legit to quit. In Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger, Mike expands on his previous work, giving you the toolset needed to unlock your aesthetic potential. Mike has no qualms about telling you just how much work is involved in building the body of your dreams, but in demystifying the physique building process, he arms you with everything you'll need to not spin your wheels, making your fitness journey a fruitful one.

    If you're sexy and you know it, buy this book.

    Ben Greenfield Ben Greenfield, MS Founder of www.bengreenfieldfitness.com

    Mike Matthews has spent the time in the trenches. He has gone from zero to hero. He knows what it’s like to fight the uphill battle to becoming powerful, strong and ripped and he’s definitely made it there.

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is the ultimate, impressive result: jam-packed with practical advice that is actually proven and that actually works with no fluff and pure simple science. Without a doubt, this book is a must-have for your personal performance library.

    JC Deen JC Deen Founder of www.jcdfitness.com

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger goes far beyond the 'do this workout and get ripped' tactics most fitness books are pimping these days. And why? It's because Mike ‘'gets it' on a level most don't.

    I particularly liked the ideas on persistence, commitment, and habit, among the many other topics he touches on. Mike practically dumps everything in his brain about building an ideal male body in BBLS, and leaves no stone unturned.

    Chad Howse Chad Howse Founder of www.chadhowsefitness.com

    From head to toe, from the mental to the hormonal to strength, physique, and health, Mike covers everything you need to know about building the ideal body in this incredible book.

    And he manages to do so while getting his hands dirty, ridding fitness and nutrition of its marketing hooks and catchy gimmicks, laying out the truth for you to take it and use it to craft a body that will give you an incredible amount of pride and confidence, but also energy, strength, and athleticism.

    It’s a great book. Read it. But don’t just read it; apply it. Stop wasting your time with fads and gimmicks, get down to work and use this awesome book to build an even better body.

    William Artamon William Artamon Founder of www.workoutlabs.com

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger has all the tools you need to sculpt your dream body in the quickest and smartest way.

    This book will arm you with actionable knowledge about nutrition, exercise and much more and serve as your straight-forward action plan to achieve a healthy, strong and aesthetic physique that few ever attain.

    Ben Greenfield Armi Legge Founder of www.evidencemag.com

    At one point, I made a resolution that I would never promote any products in the fitness industry, ever. It's books like this that forced me to change my mind.

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger shows you exactly how to get the body you want without the gimmicks and unnecessary fluff of most diet and fitness books. If you follow the simple, research-proven steps in this book, you will gain muscle, lose fat, and get in the best shape of your life.

    Greg O’ Gallagher Greg O’ Gallagher Founder of www.kinobody.com

    As a fitness author myself, I am downright humbled from the work, attention and practical knowledge that went into Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger. This book is a must have resource for any experienced lifter.

    If you have some solid mass and want to take your physique from good to nothing short of fantastic, then this is just what the doctor ordered. And it’s not simply about focusing on gaining as much strength and mass as possible as Mike explains in the book--something that just isn’t feasible for the experienced lifter unless you have drugs on your side.

    So what’s the goal, then? To build a physique that would make Michelangelo jealous! When you’re able to dedicate your efforts to optimizing your ratios then you don’t have to add 20 lbs of muscle to see results. Just a handful of carefully added pounds of muscle will work wonders and make you stand out at your gym as an aesthetic god!

    Well, in this book, Mike will show you how to do this in style, with truly effective routines and nutrition concepts that are designed for natural lifters.

    Chris Walker Chris Walker Founder of www.chriswalk.com

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is perfect for anybody looking to reignite the fire of personal development through their fitness.

    We all go through periods where we're frustrated with our lack of progress in the gym, and with our physique development, and sometimes we just throw our hands in the air, needing a real, tangible plan to not only restoke our flame, but give us EXACTLY what to do to with our training, nutrition, and minds to build a body that we're not just okay with, but ecstatic about.

    If this sounds like you, Mike Matthews is your man, and BBLS is your plan.

    As the title implies, this book is the sequel to my bestselling book Bigger Leaner Stronger. If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’ve heard of it or even read it.

    Now, you may be wondering why this new book and a new program even exist. Is Bigger Leaner Stronger not so great after all? Did I just need an excuse to publish another book?

    Well, while I do have a wife with expensive tastes and little boy who is quickly growing our grocery bills, I have other reasons for writing this book and for evolving the Bigger Leaner Stronger program.

    The primary purpose for this book and its program is to help you smoothly move through the toughest phase for most guys in their quest to get fit.

    And that’s the phase after your newbie gains are fully exhausted, where progress slows down noticeably, and where the little things related to training and diet start making a much bigger difference than they used to.

    In short, this is the phase that determines whether you make it from “good” to “great” in terms of size, aesthetic appeal, and strength.

    You see, once you’ve gained your first 20 to 25 pounds of muscle, you face a new set of challenges that newbies don’t have to deal with, such as…

    • Dietary deficiencies and mistakes affect you a lot more than they used to
    • Slower progress can become quite discouraging and lead you to waste time
      with all kinds of strange programs and diets
    • It’s much easier to hit frustrating strength plateaus that prevent muscle
      growth, and it can be much harder to break through them
    • The weak points in your physique become more and more noticeable,
      especially as you compare your body to others’
    • If you have form or mobility weaknesses, it’s easier to get hurt as you lift
      heavier and heavier weights, and recovery time means no gains

    If you’re dealing with any of the above, I totally understand. I’ve been there. This is the phase where many guys either lose
    motivation and even quit, or turn to steroids and put their long-term health at risk.

    Making it through this phase isn’t the whole journey, either. Even if you figure out how to successfully navigate that minefield and achieve the type of body you’ve always wanted, you face yet another set of hurdles.

    The name of the game then becomes staying lean (under 10% body fat) while also slowly building muscle and
    strength--something easier said than done when you’re natural.

    Trust me, even if you look great, it’s not fun to be stuck in a rut in the gym, just going through the daily motions, never seeing
    improvements in your physique or in your lifts. Many guys lose motivation at this point, get lazy, and slide backward over time.

    Well, I wrote Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger to ensure you make it through the “intermediate lifter” phase smoothly,
    with an incredible physique to show for it, and then continue to make gains and enjoy your training as an advanced lifter.

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger Mike Matthews

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is not an updated
    version or rehash of
    Bigger Leaner Stronger.

    It’s a true sequel--it builds on the principles taught in
    Bigger Leaner Stronger and while you can jump into
    BBLS and enjoy yourself, you’ll get more out of it
    having read BLS first.

    If you haven't read Bigger
    Leaner Stronger yet and want
    to snag that as well, you can find
    it at the following retailers:

    Amazon Amazon UK
    Barnes and Noble Kobo
    Google Play Ibooks

    Here’s a “sneak peek” of what you’ll find
    inside Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger…

    How to accurately pinpoint the weak points in your physique that,
    when corrected, dramatically improve your proportions and
    overall aesthetics.

    Let’s face it: a big reason we put in all this work is to look awesome. No shame in that.

    And looking awesome requires more than just adding muscle wherever and getting stronger on your big lifts. It requires proportions--ideal relationships between the size of various body parts. And this requires proper programming in your training.

    The science of proper training periodization with a new program
    specifically built for intermediate and advanced weightlifters.

    This new program is a periodized version of the Bigger Leaner Stronger program designed for and extensively tested by advanced weightlifters.

    It uses the scientific principles of conjugated periodization--one of the lesser talked about but most effective forms of periodization--to maximize your strength and muscle size and density without sacrificing muscle endurance and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

    And, as you should expect, it’s paint-by-numbers simple. I lay out everything: what you need to do each workout and why, how to make it fit your schedule, how to progress on the program, what to do if you ever feel overtrained, and more.

    Whole-body mobility routines that will not only help prevent
    injury, but improve performance as well.

    Nothing is more frustrating than nagging injuries that prevent you from pushing yourself in the gym. And when you’re bench pressing, squatting, and deadlifting heavy weights, you want to do everything you can to prevent them.

    This section of the book gives you upper- and lower-body stretching and mobility routines that will ensure your shoulders, knees, back, and leg muscles stay healthy, strong, and supple.

    8 scientifically proven ways to break through
    weightlifting plateaus.

    As you probably know, improving a physique naturally requires getting stronger. If you’re not adding weight to the bar over time, your body will more or less remain the same. And that’s why nothing is more frustrating than putting in hard work day after day only to remain stuck at the same weights.

    Fortunately, you can break through plateaus fairly easily if you know what you’re doing. This section of the book teaches you how.

    How to speed up your metabolism to make fat loss as painless
    and quick as possible.

    When people have trouble losing fat despite exercising properly and keeping themselves in what should be a moderate calorie deficit, the problem is almost always related to their metabolic speed.

    The “secret” to steady, easy fat loss is maintaining a healthy metabolism that burns plenty of energy every day, and there are simple, exact steps you can take to achieve this.

    Exactly how to get shredded (6 to 7% body fat) without
    frying your muscles or sanity.

    Many guys go about this all wrong and make it a grueling ordeal of near-starvation and 1+ hours of cardio every day...a routine that burns away muscle nearly as quickly as fat.

    With proper training, eating, and supplementation, however, you can get in near-contest shape eating foods you like, hardly ever even feeling hungry, let alone starved, and doing no more than an hour or two of cardio per week.

    How to maintain single-digit body fat percentages year-round
    with ease...and still make gains in the gym.

    Imagine being able to eat plenty of food you like every day...have a nice cheat meal each week...have awesome workouts every day that produce consistent results...while never going above 10% body fat.

    This, to me, is the big payoff of the years of hard work we put into our bodies, and it’s something I’ve been doing for years. In this section of the book, I explain how.

    How much muscle you can realistically build as a natural
    weightlifter and how long it takes to get there.

    Proper expectations is a huge part of enjoying the process of getting fit, and unfortunately many guys look to chemically enhanced bodybuilders and fitness models (all of whom swear they’re natural) and don’t understand why they’re making such “slow” gains in comparison.

    In this section of the book, we look at the science of natural muscle growth and learn what is and isn’t possible, so you can measure your progress correctly.

    In-depth guides to various popular dieting styles like intermittent
    fasting, carb cycling, and Paleo.

    Chances are you’ve heard of these dietary methods, and if you’ve wondered if they work and why, you’ll find out.

    And more…

    Things like what I find most motivational about fitness, how to use foam rolling to improve performance, how to stay in shape while traveling, strategies to reduce hunger while dieting, and more.

    Simply put, Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is nearly 300 pages of neatly organized dietary and training lessons, insights, and principles…backed by decades of anecdotal evidence and over 270 scientific studies…and 100% geared toward helping you push your body to its genetic potential in size, performance, and aesthetics.

    If your newbie gains are long gone and you feel stuck, or even if you’re making good gains on your current program and want to know how to get more, Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger is for you.

    Buy this book today and learn what most guys will never know about building extraordinary amounts of muscle and tremendous strength while staying lean!

    Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger Mike Matthews

    Special Bonus
    Report for

    With this book you’ll also get a free 165-page bonus report from me called “The Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger Challenge.”

    This report contains an extensive guide to supplements and equipment I use and like, an entire year’s worth of BBLS workouts, recipes from my bestselling cookbooks, and more.


    When you download the bonus report you'll also get instant access to 6 exclusive interviews I did with some of the top minds in health and fitness.

    An exclusive interview with author and founder of Evidence Magazine Armi Legge on why “clean eating” is overrated, how to keep your diet in check without planning/tracking food intake, metabolic adaptation, and more!

    An exclusive interview with elite coach and powerlifter Dr. Layne Norton on how to preserve muscle when losing fat, how smart bodybuilders prep for contests, how to “reverse diet,” and more! (Not for sale! Book launch exclusive)

    An exclusive interview with NYT bestselling author and triathlete Ben Greenfield on the difference between overreaching and overtraining, how to use heart rate variability to prevent overtraining, how to speed up muscle recovery, and more!

    An exclusive interview with NYT bestselling author and Navy SEAL Mark Divine on how to cultivate mental toughness, how to get training when you really don’t want to, how to maintain your mental edge and prevent setbacks, and more!

    An exclusive interview with bestselling author and elite strength coach Mark Rippetoe on how age affects training capabilities, how to preserve joint health, natural strength potentials, and more!

    An exclusive interview with YouTube superstar and all-around cool guy Scott Herman on how to train for obstacle courses like Tough Mudder, how much muscle you can build naturally, how to break through weightlifting plateaus, and more!

    The Advanced Guide
    to Building Muscle,
    Staying Lean,
    and Getting Strong