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MFL Podcast 52: Interview with Armi Legge on clean eating, keeping your diet in check, and more!

MFL Podcast 52: Interview with Armi Legge on clean eating, keeping your diet in check, and more!

In this podcast I interview author and founder of Evidence Magazine Armi Legge on why “clean eating” is overrated, how to keep your diet in check without planning/tracking food intake, metabolic adaptation, and more!


How to Make the “If It Fits Your Macros” Diet Work For You

Why “Clean Eating” Isn’t the Key to Weight Loss or Muscle Growth

How to Stop Binge Eating (Even If You Love Food)

How to Change Your Body Weight Set Point

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  • The 5 biggest fat loss myths & mistakes that keep women overweight, disappointed, and confused. (These BS lies are pushed by all the big magazines and even by many trainers.)
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Bigger Leaner Stronger

Bigger Leaner Stronger

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Thinner Leaner Stronger

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  • Debbye S. Sparks

    Hi Mike, awesome podcast as always!
    I remember I read somewhere on your blog something bout how whey protein spikes your insulin response like white bread? Am I right?, if I am, would you send me the link?

    • Hey Debbye, glad you enjoyed the podcast.

      It’s true that whey protein increases insulin levels as much or more than white bread. Here’s the study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22647249

      But in most cases it doesn’t really matter. Short-term changes in insulin don’t necessarily affect muscle growth, fat loss or insulin sensitivity over time. Other studies have found that whey protein actually improves insulin sensitivity (at least in the short-term and in diabetics – http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/82/1/69.full)

      The first study I linked to was also in mice, so it’s not necessarily applicable to humans. As I mentioned above, short-term changes in insulin don’t really matter. Hope that helps.

      – Armi

      • Thanks Armi. The only relevant point would be for fasted training.

        • Debbye S. Sparks

          Thank you both.
          But then it does make a difference when fasted training? How high is the insulin spike? Thanks!

  • Michele

    Hello, Mike!

    My name is Michele and loved his work! Very profissicional and high qualidade.Gostaria wonder if I can post on my site, and my E-books parts of an E-book that I found your fantastic, and of course with their respective credits of authorship. I look back!

  • Katherine Garrod

    Great episode – thanks Mike & Armi

    Just what I needed to hear, I’ve recently gone from 27% to 20% and have really struggled to get below 20%. I’m not unhappy with 20%, it’s just the next goal. However, I think I was cutting too low, I think maybe I’m lucky as 1500 calories at 125lbs was seeing a loss of a couple of lbs every few days, but I was hungry all the time and then started binging. Then I tried to over compensate by not eating and skipping meals (thinking short-term). Many friends (whom have great bodies and training plans would say 1500 calories is a lot so I didn’t want to eat more). Then I tried a ketogenic diet – not for me!!!

    I do a lot of high intensity and plyo (3/week), heavy weights and calisthenics (3+/week), and sometimes a long run 10k (1/week) so maybe I need more calories than the suggested starting point for the 20% reduction based on my weight. I’ve also learnt from a lot from Muscle for Life about rest so I do try to have 2 full days of rest per week (again thanks!).

    I’ve maintained 20% for a few months now (up/down a few lbs) with the binges etc. Now, I’m going to not obsess too much with eating perfectly clean all the time, nor IFFYM, a more healthy approach (mind and body) and try to think about the diet for life approach.

    I see the best results by watching my calories and macros, even though it can have negative effects on my obsessive personality. I think I just needed to up my calories even by just 100-200 day, and see if I can still lose .5-1lb/week and not feel starved. “Eat as much as you can to see results” and “plan to fail” a 600 calorie binge isn’t part of the plan but it’s only half a day away from getting back on track. Thank you, listening to your podcast on may daily commute was just what I needed!

    • Glad you enjoyed the podcast! 🙂

      I hear you on the cutting and binging.

      Seems like you were in too much of a deficit. You want to be losing 1-2 pounds a week. Anymore than that and you’re gonna start losing muscle.

      To set up your cals at a good deficit, check this out:


      As for the binging, I think you’ll see eating at a less intense deficit will help with it, but this can also help:


      • Katherine Garrod

        As ever, thanks Mike! I’ve read those articles but benefitted from a re-read. Suggested calories was ~1500, but I’m going to up them slightly (100-200) as I was very hungry and seeing a lot of loss. I think years of ignoring my hunger cues doesn’t help, I’m working on improving my relationship with food and learning to incorporate a small amount of treat and still stick within my macros/calorie goals. Am feeling good and enjoying it!

        • YW!

          Sounds like a plan!

          LMK how it goes! 🙂

          • Katherine Garrod

            Hey hey! Almost a week and lost over 3lbs – a little much, have been eating around 1600 on a training day, 1400 on a non-train day, so averaging out a little less than I planned to eat. But not particularly hungry. Cheat meal’d with pulled pork (no idea the calories in that) and then had 2 bowls of creamy dessert when I planned one – but didn’t beat myself up like I normally do.

            Have been playing with allowing myself to get hungry and eating slowly – I do cram it in quickly. Mindful eating and all. Also, I don’t tend to do well with wheat, lentils or beans and struggle to find time to do potatoes unless I work from home, so my macros are usually more like fat 50%, protein 30%, carbs 20% – almost all whole foods.

            3lbs is alot, I can see it, abs are more defined etc, I’ll see how I get on next week, if I lose more than 2lbs, I’ll up my calories a little. Having said that, if I’m lighter, I may have needed to drop them a little.

            I’ve also been working out fasted, which for this week hasn’t been a problem at all, but if I see signs next week that I’m struggling I’ll increase my carbs and drop my fats and try to eat 30-60 minutes before training – does that sounds like a good idea?

            Sometimes you think… ‘this isn’t going to work, I’m probably too lean now to lose that last 10lbs without crazy effort’ – but it’s just as you say – I get the best results if I follow your advice, so thank you! I’d like to get to 18% and hang-out around that for the summer and see how easy it is to maintain.

            Sorry for long post -maybe I should have mailed you 😉

          • Good job on the results!

            For the first few weeks it is normal to lose faster because of water weight and glycogen. After the first few weeks though, 1-2 pounds a week is good.

            Sounds like you enjoyed your cheat meal. 🙂

            I like the goal to maintain at for the summer!

            Regarding your diet and macros, I’d change it up a bit. What’s matters most is the calories which seem to be doing well on, but I’d change the macros to a 40/40/20. Check this out:


            What do you think?

          • Katherine Garrod

            Yeah, great article! I used this article to calculate my calories and it comes up at 1546 and it works best for me to alternate between 1400 and 1600 on a rest vs train day.

            Am travelling now for 10 days, but business and should be busy, but eating out will make it hard to quantify my calories. Having said that I’m getting better at predicting weight, portion-size and calories. It’s reassuring that if you stick with the maths you get results. Very reassuring!

            I’ve been taking creatine, although left that at home, have taken my protein powder and shaker. Still training fasted and so far, almost two weeks in have still been increasing reps/weight. I note on a recent podcast of yours that from 3 weeks I may start to feel it in my workouts and I may need to revise my calories at about 6 weeks, or whenever I stop losing.

            I only have my fat calliper readings done every 2-3 weeks and am still, 9 months into lifting weights still trying to re-condition myself to not use scales alone as a metric for success!

            Thanks for the support and advice Mike. Am sure I’d be still on the treadmill for hours and eating low carb and binging if it weren’t for your books!

          • Great! I like it.

            Yup traveling/eating out isn’t so hard if you just keep an eye on things.

            Cool on the training. Glad you’re doing well. Some people never stop gaining strength while cutting. Bastards. 😉

            Keep up the good work and keep me posted!

          • Katherine Garrod

            Hey Mike!

            Quick update.. work trip (11 days) was good, didn’t count calories, but made good choices/portions and took protein powder. Worked out every other day, lifting heavy and HIIT. Came home feeling slimmer… then I cracked open the peanut butter M&Ms. We don’t have them over here… A couple of days and a few thousand calories later and I didn’t feel good, definitely put on fat and was bloated.

            Started again, this time I thought I’d really take your advice with my macros. 40/40/20. Since doing low carb and seeing results years and years ago, I’d not quite got out of that mindset… Despite all of your great articles and podcasts.

            Wheat/Bread and lentils/beans are no good. But brown rice, sweet potato, white potato, quinoa, oats have no noticeable affect (read your FODMAP article too!)

            So I’ve been doing 1500cals, 40/40/20, although fat is usually closer to 25%, at least 1g protein per lb of body weight.

            And it’s falling off, even my stubborn butt fat!!! And by increasing my carbs I’m not hungry. At all. On a non-train day, I’m pretty content at 1350/1450 and then don’t beat myself up if I get close to 1600 on a train day.

            I’m also able to add some chocolate or treat and am learning what I could shave off in each meal if I think I want something a bit naughty. i.e I had some gingerbread as a colleague brought some back, they were suppose to be famous biscuits, had a piece… YUM.. and then didn’t have my afternoon boiled egg. Yes the egg is better than the equivalent calories in biscuit – but I got to try something special and make it work for me. And that’s how I will eventually stop my binges.

            I miss all the nuts I used to have, but when in maintenance, break or bulk – I’ll add them in (probably to the exact same meals) and get all the benefit and taste.

            I’m away with the family next week, I’m going to try and maintain. No gym available so I’ll improvise, I’ve not had a de-load week in 8 months, just love the gym no matter where my diet is!

            So not such a quick update 😉 In summary, increasing my carbs, and to those that ‘agree’ with me, keeping a check on my macros and working in the odd treat has been a big turning point.

            I read a lot in this space, lots of blogs, podcasts etc but with everything out there – I keep coming back here, your advice really works, really makes sense to me.

            Thank you!

          • Good to hear you didn’t do too bad on the trip!

            Glad you’re back to tracking your cals and all.

            I totally understand the foods you miss. Get lean enough and then you can reverse diet into a maintenance or bulk and add those foods back in. 🙂

            Glad you keep coming back here to get more info. LMK if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.

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