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If you’re struggling with joint pain or want to make sure you don’t struggle with it in the future, you want to read this article.

Angela is in her 50s and kicking butt on my Thinner Leaner Stronger program! What’s your excuse? 😉

In this podcast I talk all about cardio: how much you should do when you’re dieting to lose fat, how much for building muscle, how much is too much, what types are best, and more…

If you’re not working healthy PB2 recipes into your diet, you’re missing out on some seriously delicious eats…things like High-Protein PB2 Peanut Butter Cups, PB2 Banana Bread, PB2 on Popcorn, and more!

Shin splints are the bane of runners and athletes everywhere and in this article, you’re going to learn how to banish them for good.

Jeroen followed by BLS program for 5 months and went from 16% body fat to 8% AND gained muscle and strength. Great job!

In this podcast I talk about the most common reasons people stop losing weight and how to fix it.

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