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What really sets apart the most brilliant workers and creatives isn’t their ability to effortlessly produce works of genius, but their ability to do something we all can learn and practice…

The multivitamin supplement is a staple in many people’s lives, but is it really necessary? Is it even harmful?

If you’re hankering for the creamy goodness of Ho Hos but don’t want the artificial junk, make your own instead! Enjoy!

The ultimate zombie apocalypse jeep, 75 years of Marvel, a full-on backyard theater, and more… This week’s cool stuff!

Think of chili as a blank canvas for incorporating your favorite ingredients, and you’ll start to see that there are endless possibilities. Whether you can’t get enough pumpkin this time of year, constantly crave the sweet-savory combo of pineapples and BBQ chicken, or simply need a recipe to toss together in a 30 minutes or less, there’s a chili recipe here for you.

In this podcast I answer questions from readers on how body types affect gains, how to make diets work when cooking for multiple people, why I like and dislike multivitamins, and more…

Success in any field or endeavor is little more than a function of the law of large numbers, not luck, fate, or other unknowns or unknowables. Here’s how you put this law to work for you.

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