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There are opportunities everywhere, but most people aren’t tuning in correctly. In this article, I talk about how I got started in the fitness industry, and how you too can find opportunities in your life worth pursuing.

From CrossFit to handling loose skin to intermittent fasting and more… Here are the top Muscle for Life articles of 2013!

If you want to learn endurance training tips that will help you increase endurance to superhuman levels, then you want to read this article series.

Many of my favorite quinoa recipes include fruit, and this is one of them. It’s from my cookbook Eat Green Get Lean and I love the contrast between the tangy vinegar and sweet pear, and the walnuts add a tasty crunch. Enjoy!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a sucker for cool stuff. I like nifty gadgets, quirky decoration pieces, nice clothes (and shoes!), good books, and fun games.

This week there’s the Lamborghini Gallardo’s successor, awesome weightlifting shoes, “Bond on Set” book series, and more…

Knowing how to effectively market products is one of the most important business skills you can have. Here’s a vital lesson in how to do it right…

From my family to yours, I want to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday. I’m very grateful for your support, and I can’t wait to do my best in helping you make 2014 the best year ever.

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